Can I pay the CSA by cheque?

April 28, 2010

I have always paid any child maintenece due in a timely fashion (usually a week or so in advance) vie cheque.

Back in November of last year I was told that the CSA no longer support cheque as a payment method and that I had to set up a direct debit or pay by way of a deduction from earnings order.

I told the member of staff that I had left my wallet in the car and didnt have my bank details on my. I asked if they could call me later that evening.

I then called the CSA and without giving my details asked if i was able to pay by cheque to which I received a resounding yes! I infrmed them of the conversation I had just had with a member of staff (and provided the name) only to be told that accoring to their systems cheque was a perfectly valid payment method.

I then checked the website and it clearly stated that a cheque was an acceptable method of payment.

When I received a call back I was again told that I had to set up a direct debit or they (the CSA) would set up a DEO immediately – I told them that their helpline is providing me with different information as is their website and that I was going to make a payment by cheque.

since then I have been paying by cheque approximately two weeks in advance so they are unable to chase ‘arrears’ by was of a DEO

April 2010 – having received a payrise I again wrote to the CSA with my payslips and again I have been told that I am unable to pay by cheque (this time by Emma Stanton) I intend to go down the sme route but will let you know what tactic s they use this time around.

Just for clarity ‘cheques are not their preferred method of payment‘ and their website still clearly states that you can pay by personal cheque.


  • Brokenfather says:

    You could always pay via Standing Order, less work for both parties.

  • deadbeatdad says:

    Hi Stuart, it is another one of the Agency’s con to take more money from you. What you need to expect from them next is a letter stating that you are say about £20.000 in arrears and if you don’t pay it back in their two year time limit then they will issue a DEO on you.
    This works two two fold for the Agency, it allows them to act fraudulently and nobody can question them, they then impose a DEO on you but they will say the 40% maximum they can take from your wages willnot pay off the arrears in the two years and they will then go for a Liability Order.
    To get that order they have to take you to court, and the courts are geared up to work for the CSA, they cannot question the CSA assessment and even though you may have all the evidence to show you don’t owe any arrears, the Magistrates will grant it.

    You need to get yourself geared up to know how to defend yourself in court, as you are not going into a court of justice you are going into a court of commerce, a court that does business as the Powers to be need money badly and they leapfrog lawful procedures inorder to get that money.

    If you need help have a look at

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