Can I pay money direct to my daughter instead of my ex?

October 13, 2010

I asked some years ago for my monthly payments to be taken out of my pay every month, which it is.

I constantly get asked by my children for more money for uniforms, school trips, holidays, books, laptops and so on. My eldest girl, Rebecca, is now 16 and going in to the sixth form at school, she has her own bank account and is very self relient as her mother never seems to be around.

The monies i pay every month never seems to get to my children as there mother is out drinking most nights and dose not work, simply becouse it would interfear with her drinking. Is there any way part of my payment could be payed into rebecca`s bank account? That way i would know she would have money for food, uniform and books etc.

This may sound a bad idea but i can not say how strongly i feel about this. If i was still paying direct to there mother i would be putting part into rebecca`s account.


  • Brokenfather says:

    Sadly no, not without the mothers agreement.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Sadly NO because this agency ONLY cares about the "pwc" and couldn't give a rats arse about the welfare of any children they harm !!!!!

  • Busylizzy says:

    How about it depends on the age of the child involved cos they do have a say in a court of law cos a judge has to take into consideration all aspects of the case paramount to the needs of the child regardless

  • Garry Clarkson says:

    This is all a red herring. The answer is 'no' but because the CSA is actually private business whose ostensible aim is to raise money to employ its chief executive (NOT to 'support' children) and advisers all of whom have failed in every other arena of employment. If you really want to do this make a claim from the other parent. Whether she (its always a she) is a 'PWC' (Whatever that means) is irrelevant. Neologisms have no bearing on equality legislation and are contradicted in the 1989 Children Act where 'shared residency will be the common form of order' There are two parents and if its the father paying for the salary of an overpaid failed lawyer then why are you standing for it?

  • Garry Roe says:

    This is why its becoming the C.M.E.C. ( Cash for Mothers Enforcement Commission ) …… 🙁

  • Tracy says:

    A roof is over the head of the children food in teh tummies and electric gas water etc all paid presumably by your x wife.. I have an x husband who would rather pay the children direct himself i dont drink smoke gamble or anything like that but the law says if he chooses to pay extras that is up to him and child support should come first.
    If your daughter chose to live wih you then you wouldnt have to pay for her.

  • Helen Lewis says:

    Wow that great news Gary especially for mothers who are Non Resident Parent now they wont be chased at all so the Non Resident Fathers who dont pay either can have even more to shout about…..i

  • Damian says:

    i have a 16 yr old daughter who is desperate to be able to see me ( her farther),
    the mother refuses point blank at any visitation , phone calls or meeting . The mother says she will decide when she is ready ! and pretty much is seeing if i pay my csa on time etc .I have had no contact with daughter for several years due to her mother informing me they were in no way interested in my contact , just my csa payments . I saw my daughter at 3yr , 6yr and now 16 as i ran into her accidently in town . my csa is paid up and i have honestly on occasions been lateout of spite to the mother lack of morals . My daughter since the accidental bumping into each other scenario wants to keep in contact and spend time with me , and also admits was told by the mother that i was not interested in her throughout the years ! . Now the mother has banned the daughter from any contact with me , as she lives with her . what can i do ?

  • John Balfour says:

    Can I pay my ex partner the CSA payments direct, if so how do I go about doing this?

  • Brian says:

    Hi John Balfour.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing that as you read through the posts. You will see the CSA do not recognise and payments direct to her either now or later.

    She can change her mind anytime and the CSA won’t give a toss what you may have paid direct to her.

    Be careful.


  • Claire says:

    I am on the other side of this my ex pays the money directly to my 10 year old. I am a loving and attentive mother and provide for my daughter in every way. It is difficult financially as although my daughter has a healthy bank account i often don’t have enough money to even buy food and clothing for her. But am racked with guilt and cannot ask her for some money. She cannot understand she is so young. I would prefer to have that little bit of help to make her life easier.

  • Kevin says:

    My daughter is nearly 17 I have been making maintenance payments to her mother for years witch is a considerable amount more than enough to support a child My daughter rings every week for money clothes food pocket money
    She said her mom won’t buy her the things she needs and pockets the cash for her self She will only buy her clothes out of her disability money
    Is there any way I can talk to the child maintenance and get the money payed directly in to my daughters account so she will get what she is I titled to ?

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