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Can I get my name on my son’s birth certificate

I have three children who where born an living in Scotland with my ex. She left me over 4 yrs ago for no good reason and stole over 5000 pound out of my bank but i let it go for the kids.

She has been consantly blocking me an making it very hard to have time with my kids. I pay over 620 pound a month csa and have done for over 2 an half yrs to get my arrears down. This ends in july.

I am not on my youngest childs birth cert as i was away when he was born. I work at sea and we had already split up by the time he was born so she gave him her surname, but my two girls have my surname.

She wont give me parental order for the girls but am i right in thinking if my name is on his birth cert i get them auto as he was born after 2006?

I asked to be able to put my name on his cert but she wont let me. If i get a dna test with the csa and it proves he is my son can i put my name on his birth cert whether she likes it or not and then go on to apply for a parental order from the court in Aberdeen?

This is causing me alot of stress. Any help would be very helpful, thank you.

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