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Can I get any of my ex’s injury compensation?

Me and my husband separated 4 months ago. 2 years ago my husband sustained an injury at work which meant he couldn’t work for 6 months. I supported him through this as he only recieved SSP throughout the 6 months. He will be receiving an amount of money soon through compensation. Am I entitled to any of this, do I inform the CSA?

My CSA case was only opened 2 weeks ago so am worried they won’t be able to claim any of it.

My husband has already said I won’t be getting any of it.

41 thoughts on “Can I get any of my ex’s injury compensation?

  1. Why do you think you should be entitled to any of it ?
    He would have looked after you if it were other way round.
    It’s clear you not looking out for your children here. Greedy people like you shouldn’t get anything

  2. I think you should be ashamed, putting your own.feelings before your child, its bitches like you who give good mums a bad name, I hope you dont get a.penny, if your that bothered for money, go get a.job and provide it, your ex isnt a walking bank,

  3. I think all above sums this woman up perfectly..i need not add to it Only to agree with Peter..the csa vulture vermin filth with feed off this for sure.
    I hope too that you get sweet fuck all,you disgust me.

  4. Have to agree with above…

    Yes you supported him through his injury and being off work…but you think that makes you entitled to his compensation??

    Er BIG. FAT. NO.

    I dont really care what went on for you two to break up, but looking after your husband kinda comes within the marriage territory. To think that you should be financially repaid for that “kindness” just shows what people have become in this day and age…its all about me me me, and what me me me can get get get.

    If your ex hubby isnt a nice guy when all said and done, well so what….get over it, and move on and leave him to his money….he will likely need that to cover bills when the csa case you opened financially ruins him.

    Will he get to see his children still? Not that you sound like you care….

  5. Why would you want any of it, are you just a filthy little goldigger? I mean you sound like a sensible reasonable person, you also sound like a decent person if you supported him when he couldn’t support you.
    Please think very carfully and look at some of the posts on here, sometimes when you involve the csa you don’t get the money, especially if its classed as ‘arrears’, it goes instead to the secretary of state for the DWP as a ‘clawback’ for any benefits you may have had. Is that what you want?
    You know him and your situation better than us on here but have you just tried sitting down and talking to him? If you have a child together then of course he should contribute to your childs well being.
    Try and talk, explain what you need, be FAIR and work together, don’t involve the csa if you can help it and I really hope you both get through this.

  6. your csa claim will be assessed on your ex’s income and the compensation will not be considered as income.

  7. any money collected from the nrp on a case opened after 2010 all goes to the PWC regardless of whether the PWC is in receipt of benefits or not. There is no longer any money paid to SoS on new cases

  8. Alice…thank you for confirming this…im suprised because of its track record of bleeding nrp,s for cash where ever it sees a way of doing so.
    Hope this gives all of us responding to this thread a good nights sleep if not the author of it…but hey im happy about that 🙂

  9. still cant get my head round why all my money is paid to my money grabbing ex despite whatever she claims in benefits?…I know she is and so my money just adds to her benefit boooty…lol…easy money
    why does her benefit not reduce if she getting money from me ?

  10. and Alice…please dont reply with “the money is for the child whom the pwc is claiming for” cause we all know thats bollocks….and if it were to be true? then the csa by its very name would see to that the said money is spent on the child and the nrp would have a right to see the proof of that said money is being spent on the child, we all know that the csa dont give a toss how/where the money is spent as long as its taken from the nrp to pay either the over inflated benefit claiment…ie the mother or the treasury

  11. Alice please stop spouting your shit, we all know this information because its freely given on the Government website,

  12. Lisa – I think you will find that the ‘shit’ I spouted in this thread was actually factual and accurate. Yes, the information may be available free on other websites, but the person asking the question did so on this site, by doing so they were asking other users of this site for a response. As a regular user of this site I am entitled to respond, I responded with information which answered the PWc’s question. You I see have responded with an abusive personal opinion. Please refrain for issuing instructions to stop posting.

  13. @ Gonk – I think we have an unspoken agreement between us not to go down that road again – we have ‘discussed’ your situation previously and there is no need to do so again. I hope my response here has shown you at least that am not always on the PWC’s side.

  14. Alice,yes I understand you and thats why you cant answer my comment…hands tied by legislation and all that…its sad cause your very denial to answer the comment tells me you may agree with it but cant be seen to because of your piers.You know that im speaking common sense here..whys the csa sooo stupid in seeing it…..arhhhh…no thats a daft question gonk…of cause they see it but choose to close their eyes….sigh!!!!!!

  15. oh and should be more careful with your words… should not be on anyones side….that last statement indicates you are on the pwc’s side most of the time?

  16. @ Alice, see your on facebook telling pwc exactly how the NRP gets away with not paying and exactly what route to go down, you are very biased and its not very fair when you work for both PWC/NRP, with people like you around its no wonder the NRP and his famly avoid the csa like the plague, i have print screens of you telling the women how to go about getting evidence and information to use against them NRP whether factual or not, This is the truth,!/groups/csathelawanditsfailings/?fref=ts
    Not only do you tell people to lie about info to the CSA to get cash from there ex partner but you guys at the CSA are good at lying full stop, the truth must be heard and the csa must change its practises,

  17. Lisa, if you had stuck about in that facebook group after that single night where you were abusive and argumentative to myself and several other members you would see that I have since provided information and advice to NRP’s – unfortunately you behaved in a similar fashion to you have on here,making assumptions about people, being insulting and then when others challenged you about your behaviour you left the group.

  18. @ Alice, unlike you, i have a life and it doesnt involve trolling about certain websites claiming to be somebody im not, i was in the group for quite some time, i dont agree with the way the women in there behave, its morally wrong, there are some other women on there since left because they also think your a troll and the way the ex,s get treated is wrong and immoral, Your not telling me you dont get a kick out of other peoples misery, you must do, Your dept must also get a kick out of hearing men crying down the phone about to commit suicide and cant afford to feed there family or keep a roof over there heads, what a fab job to have you must be so proud

  19. I left the group because i hate gold digging little bitches who claim to be owed thousands from there ex,s you also tell them they will get the money, i also hate people who tell lies about there ex to get money and i hate the CSA because they lie to get money, funny how most of the members of this group are the same, or maybe im all on my own in this “hating” jesus woman get a grip

  20. again you make unfounded assumptions about me – you call me a troll yet you seem to be in the same places, for your information, not that I have any need to justify myself to you, but I do have a life and I do not get a kick out of someone else’s misery – if you actually read what I write then you might actually see that i offer help to people rather than just posting malicious spite and insulting people

    I see no reason to interact with you further so I will not respond to you again – I would ask that you remember that this is an open forum and I am as entitled to post on here as anyone else regardless of whether that pleases you or not

  21. Alice,I read Lisa’s comments with interest….and am learning soooo much about you,after that fb link. I trust you none but am beware of you alot more since reading.
    I have I fear…an uphill battle with the idiots at your establisment in making them understand when I move across from a contractor to an employee of that company i was contracted too. As having deo in place…I am dreading the thought of contacting the useless staff of the csa and trying to explain that I have moved over to another employer and giving them the address for future robbery.I will have to write them and send it special delivery in order for them to not tell me they have not recieved it and thus dream up “ghost arrears”lol….sorry but thats how i see you lot..not taking any chances…and will be copying in my local mp as well.
    your help here would be appreciated tho in giving me the exact address I need to send this to? im sure you will answer swiftly since it involves your organizations interest …where a smooth transition of robbery can take place seamlessly…lol

  22. Gonk – clarification please

    define ‘contractor’
    are you self-employed (contract your services to a company and submit an annual self-assessment tax return) or are you employed by company A as a PAYE employee who is ‘hired out; to company B?
    Is the company that you are going to be working for – Company B- taking you on as a PAYE employee?

    The PO Box address you send the information to would depend on the area that your case is held with – the PO Box address should be on the letters that have been sent to you in the past. if you’ve not got a letter to hand then you can call the CSA helpline and ask them for the address. Alternatively put CSA address for <insert csa area.' into google and it will probably bring up the relevant address.

  23. Since when has statute law preceeded, common law?

    This is the whole problem, ill thought out statute law being imposed upon us without consulatation, in what is supposed to be a democracy? Then we have interpretations of the imposed statutes, imposed upon us.

    This organised chaos is wreaking havoc upon both pwc’s and nrp’s.

    Important matters involving children belong in the courts with professional, well trained personne, with professional legal advisors,l and not with a bunch of incompetent amateurs at the DWP and CSA!

  24. define ‘contractor’
    or are you employed by company A as a PAYE employee who is ‘hired out; to company B?
    Is the company that you are going to be working for – Company B- taking you on as a PAYE employee?

    yes Alice 100% correct thank you but
    call the csa helpline….????? are you sure Alice?I will never call the csa ever,i know their track record for denial of any such calls…all written and recorded and sent to my local mp for the record.
    thanks for the advise tho…the po box is a good start.

  25. alice..thanks for your swift reply as I suspected…keeps those wheels greased and turning ahhh !!!!!

  26. John on February 14th, 2013 12:57 pm

    Since when has statute law preceeded, common law?

    soooo true mate….this fucked up worthless shithouse organization called the csa couldnt organize a piss up in a brewery…lol…thats why I dread moving from one company to another…they will certainly FUCK IT UP and blame me lol…but I will be gunning for them if they do…I will fight the fuckers tooth n nail mate.
    because of these arsholes…i dont see my daughter anymore…cause they bleed me of unfair amounts of cash that just goes in her mothers purse to piss up the wall,leaving me no funtime with my daughter to do stuff or treat her…she sees so little of me anyway so how could i just put her in front of the telly or how many times can you walk in the park with a ten yr old…its not fair..that money should be mine to ensure its spent with my daughter,or at least half of it..but the csa dont care……fucking cunts…I spit on you all

  27. I have no doubt that there are good fathers out there but I believe the csa are there to help people like myself who’s partners walked away after bein violent when their child was young and never paid a dime since. When 20 year olds sacrifice everything they have to feed and clothe their children because their wage and benefits barely cover food rent nd bills when their x partners are sitting in a 3 bed house with plenty of money and 2 other children he can be bothered to see everyday. The csa are there to support the ppl who get left behind with the child to help see that the dad pays his fair share 2. Why should one parent miss out on food and clothes and nt the other to support their child when it takes to people to make a baby?

  28. money grabbing little madame no love your not entitled he got hurt not you or yr kid
    DISGUSTING this just goes to show just how mums treat dads money grabbers try gettin a job

  29. you are a fucking leech…bitches like you that screw men over and leave them in financial ruin, so much so that they leave their jobs, can’t afford to buy a home, end up jobless in a one bed rented flat drinking white lightning, and all because the lady love milk tray…fucking leech.

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