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Can I claim backdated CSA even though my daughter is an adult now?

Not sure if there is anything i can do. My daughter is 23 now and her father never paid a penny towards her up bringing. I struggled bringing her up on a low wage,i found out recently that he had been living the high life. He is a professional poker player so gets thousands of pounds a year. If the CSA had of had more details about him years ago they could have been taking payments. I only ever recieved one payment which was a small amount,not even £10. I would like to know if there is legally any way of claiming back dated maintenance.

One thought on “Can I claim backdated CSA even though my daughter is an adult now?

  1. Hi Wendy

    You appear to be in an unfortunate position for two reasons as follows:

    1. Unless you made an application for child maintenance whilst your child was below aged 20, it is too late now. No applications for CM can be made retrospectively.

    2. If your ex-partner is a gambler and earns his money that way, it cannot be taken as income by the CMS. Caselaw dictates that that is not income for the purposes of child support.

    If you need to speak with me, drop me an email at [email protected].


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