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Can I claim back over payments made to CSA?

My ex wife and i split up in 1982 we had a daughter named Shelley. Shelley was born on the 10/10/1980.

After we split we agreed that it would be better for Shelley if she moved away with her ner boyfriend who she subsequently married.

When Shelley reached the age of 13 i decided that maybe it was time to get in touch with my daughter, as soon as i did this my ex wife contacted the CSA to claim child maintenance.

I had no problem with that as i had made contact with my daughgter and was quite happy to pay whatever the average amount was for child support.

You can imagine the shock i had when the CSA had assesed me they applied an attachment of earnings to my salary of £550.00 per month for 1 child.

Now i know this was back in 1993 and believe me £550.00 was and still is a very large amount of money.

I appealed of course but the CSA said they were within thier rights to take that amount.

I paid this every month for 5 years till my daughter was 18.

My ex wife told me she was sending my daughter to college not to further her education but to make sure i kept paying, by the way my ex wife did not receive £550.00 per month as i was told by the CSA that she got whatever the going rate was for child maintenance the rest i was told by the CSA went into their fund to help pay for the absent fathers they could not catch.

I have proof of the amout i payed as i have kept my old payslips.

As i say when my wife told me she was sending my daughter to college i realised i could no ;longer afford to pay this as i had re-married and had 2 more daughters to to look after.

The only way i had to be free from paying so much was to beg my company to make me redundent which they finally did as soon as id left my company my wife and daughter decided they wanted nothing more to do with me.

Thank you for your time.

Chris gledhill

3 thoughts on “Can I claim back over payments made to CSA?

  1. Christopher,

    If your ex was on benefits at that time, the CSA you paid would be off set against the benefits she was receiving.

    Was your liability an actual calculation or a penalty assessment?

    Why do you feel you have over paid?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  2. Omg you want the money back you paid to help your daughter? disgusting. My dad failed to pay Csa to my mum for me thus owed my mums new boyfriend £1000 for my upbringing and £1000 to the Csa and the courts wrote it off. I never saw my dad from 6 to 27. I’m now 28. tbh Im glad you were made to pay what you owed. And the 550 would of been because back then they did the claim from the day you left. I’m sorry you feel hard done by but get a life

  3. Sarah what a horrible thing to say to a father that has pay for his children, you feel bad your father left you and did not pay anything, but lets get one thing right here the guy above has always paid for his children and reading into what he is saying he did not mind untill payments forced him in to financial hardship, he had to beg to be made redundant.And the final outcome no payment no daughter whats that say answer me that. I myself am like this guy and paid for my children till they turned nineteen i lost work had nervous breakdowns and so on but always managed to pay the CSA. guess what my daughter turned 19 the monies stopped and she dosnt want anything to do with daddy now. So maybe i would have been better off to be like your father and have left my responsibilitys at least i wont have been kicked iin the face by her twisted mother and her. So you get real and i hope that you end up falling in love build a lfe with a man then when you think everything is good the CSA arrive at your door. SAD

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