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Can I change son’s name without ex knowing?

I had a child with my ex 5 years ago we was in a 6 year relationship before having my baby. and the baby was planned. But as soon as the baby came my ex started to get more and more abusive (as he was before we had a child) but I stayed as I wanted my son to have what I thought was a “family” a mother and father so I got his name on the BC but then it got too hard to stay so I left with my son when he was 9 months old. It has now been 5 years and we have had no contact and he has never paid for anything. My son is going to start school soon and he knows his self to have the same name as me but iv been told that schools go by what’s on BC. as I don’t have any contact with father is there any way I could change my childs last name without my ex knowing?

One thought on “Can I change son’s name without ex knowing?

  1. You can change his name anytime you like by deed poll, but you will have to lie and say you have his father’s permission and can be done for fraud if your ex complains at a later date! The school will call your child anything you want them to though so don’t worry. You can call yourself anything you like, you do not need an official deed poll.

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