Can I challenge arrears set by the CSA?

July 22, 2010

I was reassed in March of this year. A new assessment was calculated and back dated to the March. I contested this new amount, but to no avail. Since the new amount was calculated the CSA have failed to take the new amount. My payments are made by Direct Debit, so the only way that this can change is by the CSA changing the Direct Debit. I am concerned that they have not changed it, so that i accrue arreas. Even though i cannot change the Direct Debit. Am also worried that they will hold me accountable for their mistake and incompetance.

Do i have any recourse when they eventually come knocking for these arrears?


  • Darren 'Scuzzer' Lightfoot says:

    Tell them to fuck of

  • Stephen Webster says:

    Off topic mate, but when you do ur direct debit with them do they tell you what day they take it and how often?? I hope you get this sorted

  • says:

    Wise words Darren, very succinct.

  • Nigel Thompson says:

    pay by standing order then you control the amount and as long as you pay something they shoulnt be able to touch you , do not let them take by direct debit ,they have control over what to take, iv had the same problem .and if i let them take the amount they wanted, id of had to pack my job in ,but every time they re asses me the amount changes and not for the better

  • Stephen Webster says:

    Iv asked them for standing order details and they said they wont give them to me i have to do direct debit or deduction from wages,

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Sort Code 40-34-18, Account number: 41775448, Reference (Your FULL NI Number) PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  • Stephen Webster says:

    Lee I thank you should I tell them I'm doing it this way ? Also u sure its not ur bank account ? Lol

  • Nigel Thompson says:

    they said that to me but as long as they are getting it there fooked when they phone you just tell them ,theyll know anway it comes up on ther screen but they will play dumb as norm ,they cant do a thing as long as your paying something good luck

  • Lee Hughes says:

    I wouldn't bother Stephen, they will know…just pay it weekly so loads of credits!!! Didn't even think of that!!!, just in case anyone doubts the numbers then enter it in google!!! Here is the link directly to the source

  • Neil Williams says:

    Hi Lee do what I do and only pay by card this keeps you in charge of your account

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