Can I be arrested by CSA?

April 20, 2015

This is a very short one to be honest, i currently live and work in holland, this xmas i return to the uk for xmas holidays to see family and if im lucky my children.

I am being told be my X-wife that the CSA will arrest me upon arrival into the airport!!

Is this possible and can this happen?

Please can some one give me some advice thanks.


  • Peter Barfoot says:

    No LOL, the CMS (CSA) have zero powers of “arrest” lol. They can only pursue maintenance payments through a court once all ‘internal’ avenues and procedures have been exhausted.

    No rights of arrest are held by the CMS and they can not pursue the matter with the help of police as it’s a civil matter and police can’t get involved…your ex is seriously delusional !

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