Can I ask for backdated payments as ex avoided paying full amount?

October 28, 2016

I am in the process of switching over to the new CMS who are carrying out calculations. As my ex-partner has failed to provide evidence of his income they have used information received from HMRC. It appears that this relates to his previous employment and therefore the calculation is over £160 per month more than I have been receiving as I was only awarded the low rate. It appears that he never gave them this higher income amount and has therefore avoided paying the extra £160.

Is there any way I can raise this and ask for the backdated payments as this avoidance does not seem fair to me.


  • Harley Quinn says:

    Ask CMS to do variation, You should also complaint that the CSA did not tackle this issue earlier and wrong amount being assessed, they are liable and will back date. To the nearest penny. Good luck!

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