Can I appeal the CSA’s decision?

January 15, 2013

I have paid every month for the past 4 years fir my daughter ,, who rarely sees a penny of it ! The CSA now tell me THEY MADE A MISTAKE !! and I have acrued arrears which due to THEIR Incompetence I have to find .

This cannot be right as surely THEY should be held accountable for their Incompetence ,, Becouse I work Iam an easy target being bled dry by these heartless , Useless , Mercenaries .. They should all be SACKED and the CSA closed down .

Have I got a case to appeal ?


  • wilf says:

    You always have a right to appeal.
    You will need to determine the nature of the mistake. Were they misinformed of something, did they not use information they had, did they not have the correct information, was it a calculation error, was it a clerical error, did they use the wrong effective dates, have they rectified a previous error, was there a delay in the assessment causing arrears?
    You will need to determine their incompetence to win your appeal.

  • Alice says:

    If an error was made and it has come to light the agency have an obligation to rectify the mistake – if this means that the MC was lower than it should have been then you will be liable for the correct amount effective back to when the incorrect assessment was done. If they have used incorrect income details for example your MC letter states the income your MC is based on, you also have a responsibility to report the error to the agency – as such it is highly unlikely that your appeal will be upheld. If it is an agency error then you will have grounds for negotiation in respect of how much they collect per week or month for the arrears.

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