Can I appeal against the CSA’s decision?

April 22, 2011

I have been turned down for an advance payment of arrears because they say there is no payment pattern.

Payments are via D.O.E. It has been an arrears only case since september 2010, if the employer doesnt use the correct reference number then the payment drops onto another screen and has to be manualy moved, wich causes delays in me getting the payment.

Also i thought it was a percentage of NRP wages that was taken, not a set amount?

Although i have been getting payments for a year now the reasons above are why it isnt a payment pattern. Can i appeal against the decision or is there anything i can do. Arrears are aprox £16k


  • hg says:

    set up a private arrangement via direct debit from your ex…no one wins with the csa and that is thetruth!! Be reasonable with your ex and a set amount is fair for both parties…why should anyone recieve a % of earnings; would you like it!

  • sapman says:

    see clearly wants a summer holiday with the lump sum !!!

  • ramona says:

    thats a bit harsh to say the least !!i brought up our son on my own and also had his son from a previous marage live with me. with only scattered payments from ex partner. my son is 18 now, had said ex partner payed regular csa then he wouldnt still have to pay off the arrears.and just for the record no holiday this year for us but im sure said ex partner will at least be on his second holiday.and because of years of providing for two sons on own finally had to go bankrupt last year.
    please reframe from attacking on this site.

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