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Can ex stop paying just because he doesn’t think he’s the father?

Me and my ex broke up during my pregnancy, he said he was going to stay involved. However now the baby is born and he does not believe he is the dad and is refusing to pay his child maintenance. He is the father and am willing for a blood test to be done to prove it, was wondering if he is able to just stop paying for his son?

2 thoughts on “Can ex stop paying just because he doesn’t think he’s the father?

  1. Spiteful woman stopped taking the pill without my knowledge and against my wishes, then refused to take paternity test and csa rule book that demonizing men states when pwc refuses test the case is closed ?
    Absolute bullshit contrary to law the csa,gov and crown did ignore the evidence I provided her solicitors letter in which she refused test and yet since 2008/9 they have every week taken money unlawfully by force which is robbery under the theft act 1968 , 2009 till sept 2016 = 7 years times 52 weeks = 364 counts of robbery by gov/crown and pushed me to death but as long as she can hide her betrayal and csa still get their bonuses which of course is proceeds of crime but sweep under the carpet the book of the dead , how many have suffered and died by gov/crown inhumanity , start the millennium which such an act of evil farewell Atlantis 2012 the moment we stop caring then evolution of blood sweat tears and death has been in vain , unreported world how many men have been subjected to dishonest deception and entrapment ? Not just men suffer but they demonized by propaganda , case in point a female friend who is a parent with care took the time to listen to me with neutrality concurred that what they have done to me and so many others is wrong so not just male view , the csa gov crown have acted in direct contradiction of human rights 1998 fair trial , bill of rights 1689 and great charter 1215 , no person shall be fined held in servitude or imprisoned summarily and arbitrarily without due process of law in an acceptable and yet that is exactly what they have done and children,women and men have died ! But again sweep under carpet with propaganda 2billion robbery !

  2. Hello

    Sounds like your ex-partner suspects you may have had an affair. The only way for him to put his mind at rest one way or the other is to seek a DNA test. If you have split up you and you are sure the child is his, he has an obligation to maintain the child financially.

    I would add that also that maintaining a relationship with his child is imperative for the baby’s emotional development and would also help the father. So please do everything in your power to involve your ex in the child’s life.

    It would be far better if you could come to some arrangement between you about child support than go through the CMS. It might be a good idea to seek legal advice on this to ensure whatever agreement you have between you is enforceable legally.

    If he continues to refuse to pay or will not have a paternity test then your only option is the CMS.

    If you need assistance with any of the above then please let me know. See or drop me a line at [email protected]


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