Can ex still claim CSA even though she had the child adopted?

October 29, 2015

ungh where to even start, im not going to go into the back story as its far too long , but basically a long time ago when i was young naive, and didnt really have my head screwed on, in a relationship i didnt really want i ended up making a lot of bad choices and mistakes.

and during this time i ended up getting someone pregnant, upon this happening i was handed the line ”haha iv got what i want now you can F**k off” i was also left with a large amount of debt, and after she left she broke into my house with her friends and left me penniless, broke and everything gone that i owned….

fast forward many years and she is still the same despicable woman she was then, and every chance i get she goes out her way to try and cause some form of trouble…

most of that trouble stems from the CSA, and here is the hell iv endured.

ever since they got in touch they have been nothing but trouble, building up arrears which never existed, taking more money than they should, arrogant phonecalls , not listening to anything i have to say, and constant pestering, after struggling for a long time with poor wages because of how much the CSA deem sensible, i was made redundant, with no payout…

since my redundancy her and hte CSA have not been off my back, telling me that they are going to force claims upon me, cease good and all take me to court, i must have been through the same call 100 times, and received the same letter a million times, in turn me trying to explain that i do not work at the minute, i dont have a penny to my name, and i cannot claim JSA nor do i get any income of my own..

yet they will not stop pestering me, every day another phonecall asking me the same questions, to the point where im becoming depressed, they wont listen, they dont care about your situation, they just want to peck away at you until you break, its ridiculous….

but now my icing on the cake is , and this is what im trying to find out what my legal standing or rights are…

not only are both parents fidlling claims and working on the side, but the child was adopted some time ago…

so why am i still getting pestered , i must add, iv never seen this child, not once, she disappeared as soon as the pregnancy was discovered, the first i heard was about 8 years ago when the CSA nightmare began.

im trying to find out if im legally obliged to pay anything. (not that i can until i find work) or if all rights have now been revoked, and i can stop being pestered daily, if i mention it to the CSA on the phone, they refuse to answer and just start pushing me for payments i cannot make, as i literally do not have  a penny to my name.


  • Ian Broughton says:

    I think if your name is on the birth certificate, you have legal ‘parental responsibility’ so have to pay, but this is only after 2003 I think.

    If it is not on the birth certificate I don’t think you ever had to pay.

    As far as someones else adopting the child, I am not sure if this takes place over the birth certificate, have you tried CAB?

    Good luck

  • Ian Broughton says:

    I totally get where you’re coming from.

    Csa have been taking my tax credit info from 2011, the amount has dramatically changed since then.
    For the past year I have called them 7 times, sometimes the phone call would last 45mins.
    Each time I ask them which year they are taking my tax credits from, each time 2011, each time no it’s changed, each time time ‘we will recalculate’ and ‘call you in 2 weeks’

    Each time they do not call me I called up 2 weeks ago and asked the man to look up the notes from my calls. I asked shouldn’t this have been changed? he says ‘yes’ why hasn’t it bee changed he says ‘I don’t know’ I will change it and call you within 2 weeks.

    Here I am 2 weeks later, no call or anything, worse than this I have changed my job and I want to tell them, but what will happen this info???

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