Can David Cameron really not sort this out?

June 10, 2013

Just constantly lied to at Bolton. Went to my MP who was amazing and then office in Scotland who got it sorted for a while and now payments go missing, are randomly delayed and lied to from call handlers to supervisors and managers. If I had a pound for every time they have said “we don’t make interest on the money” I would be very rich. Boring enough to deal with useless exes. They are supposed to be child support. Those are not what I think the letters stand for. Can David Cameron really not sort this out?


  • eddie says:

    why would he sort it out there minting it……………………no-one knows whats going on it is time to canvass the cause… [email protected]

  • stuart says:

    It is apparrent that David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith could not run a bath

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