Can CSA take money off my wife’s ESA claim?

February 15, 2018

I’ve had deo since 1993 have not paid cash For last for years as they stopped the payment . But last December csa sent me letters saying I owe them just under 12k , which don’t believe as had dedhction of wages since 93 . They finally told me on case finished in 2004 fourteen years to tell me . The other case saying I am in arrears by 12 k . As they took dow till 2014 , but now saying be wrongly assessed and should have been paying 109 a week for one child which is a joke don’t no were get there figures from ? That’s why arreas but I’ve paid 30k for the one 30k for the other but money never changed on both cases but saying I owe 12k n other case , I’ve copy of everything I paid but don’t n what to do about the arears I am in as no fault of my own , have proven bad malamnstraion on my case a few times but this tops it all.

Am currently wife’s carer and n her esa claim cAn the csa take money off my cares allowance or wifes esa as all this before i married my wife?


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Jeffery

    What has happened to you is insane but it’s normal for the CSA. The figures are indeed fictitious. They pick on people like you because you are what we call Soft Targets – they pick on folks who has been paying faithfully. They know you will pay again despite their lies and abusive behaviour.

    You can challenge them. Drop me a line at [email protected]


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