Can CSA take money from my bank?

January 5, 2011

I broke up with my wife over four years ago Jan 06 while i was still in the army then i got myself in to a bit of trouble and ended up getting charged with assault and because of that i received a suspended scentence and due to that i got discharched from the army in sept 06.

While this was gonig on obviously my wife was receiving benefits so a C.S.A. claim was going through, my wife was still staying in the married quarter we had so i wanted to stay as close to my daughter as possible so i was looking for jobs in the local area but due to my criminal record i found it difficult so i ended up registering with an hgv agency.

The C.S.A. still had not managed to sort anything out i.e. assesment for payment but obviously they still had me down as working in the army so i contacted them informing them of my situation, so they advised me as soon as i have four payslips from the agency to send them in and they will do a re-assesment and inform me by letter of how much i have to pay.

So in December 06 i had enough payslips and sent them off then by the January 07 i received a letter from them informing me i had to pay £20 month so ifilled in the direct debit form and sent it off and then thought nothing else of it, then a couple of month later i received another letter that i need to pay £240 a month so i contacted them again asking why, they said i am employed by the army so i explained that i got discharged from the army and sent them a copy of my discharge papers and asked them to re-asses once again. I must add from when me and my wife split up at this point i was getting regular contact with my daughter who was 6 going on 7 at the time, but in March 07 i took her back after having her for a weekend and my wife told me i could not have contact with her anymore and i had to go to a solicitor but there was no way i could possibly afford a solicitor so i was stuck and was just hoping she would see sense and let me see her again.

So time went on and the C.S.A. were still messing me about and had’nt sorted any method of payment out, my work with the agency was stop and start all the time so was struggling to make ends meet, i co-operated fully with C.S.A. and sent them everything they needed and explained that i was’nt seeing my daughter but they explained to me they did not deal with that side of things and could not help so i asked “then why do i have to pay” there responce was “regardless of weather you see your daughter or not you still have to pay”. Dont get me wrong sir i’am all for supporting my child but if i dont have contact with her i dont see how this is fair i’am being punished. During this time we had both met other people and getting on with our lives, and on my daughters birthday i went to the married quarter to give her a present and to speak to my wife to see if she would see sense and let me start to see my daughter again but the house had been emptied and she had gone, i did not have clue where to start looking and no idea where she had gone, i was devastated and did’nt know what to do.

So i contacted a friend of mine who’s father worked with my wife’s new partner and he found out where she had moved to with her new partner, so i went to the house and my wife would not answer the door so i left, i later found out she was fraudulently claiming benefits she was in a privatley rented house so the government were paying for it and claiming she was single but her new partner was living with her full time who may i add is in the RAF as a military policeman.

Still the C.S.A. had not sorted anything out and still had me down as being in the army and asking me to make payments that i could not possibly afforrd, so i had to explain to them that yes i’am on the army’s database system still because as soon as you get discharged from the army you automatically become a reservist which means at anytime if they need me i can get called up to go and the payslip that is on there system is the amount i will get paid when i go.

So again i had to wait until i had enough payslips to send off to them for yet another re-assesment, still at this point i was still not seeing my daughter and it was and still is killing me as i stil dont see her even now, so at this point i decided to move from leicestershire back up to the north east back to south sheilds as i was fighting a loosing battle with my now ex wife, so i left that agency in nottingham(reynolds driver hire) so with no job or home i was back in the north east with my ex wife and daughter were in leicestershire living in a privatley rented house with her new partner claiming benefits she was not really entitled to.

I was back to square one again struggling to get a job with a criminal record but i managed to register with yet another driving agency called Direct Recruitmnet in newcastle which i’am still employed with now, i contacted the C.S.A. and explained my situatioin, so again i had to wait until i had enough payslips and send them in so they could do another re-assesment, which took a while as the work was few and far between, anyway during this time i was called up by the army to do a months refresher training which was great for me as it was money for me but during this time once i was paid the C.S.A. took £500 straight out of it because according to them this is what i had to pay every month so i questioned why and again they still had me down as being employed by the army, so again i had to explain why i was still on the army system and the only reason why i was payed by them was due to the fact that i was called up to do training and it was’nt my regular job. So yet again i had to get a number of payslips together and send them off for another re-assesment four weeks passed and they came back with a payment plan so i gave them my bank details yet again as they said they miss placed them and set up payment, but then the following month the regular work i had came to an end and again the work ended up few and far between so as a result of that i could not pay the amount the C.S.A. were asking me to pay so i had to contact them yet again and explain.

They then asked me why i dont claim benefits so i explained that if i claim benefits and end up getting agency work at short notice i have to declare the work and i end up paying back the benefits i’ve had and i have to go through the hassle of signing on and off all the time so its just not worth it and if i’am in dire straights i do get help from my partner, this was November 08 so they put me down as nothing to pay in March 09 and that nil payment continued up until Mar 10, at which point i received a letter in April 10 asking why i had’nt been paying my maintenace so i replyed to there letter explaining that they told me i had nothing to pay at which they came back with i had a ridiculous amount that i have to pay each month due to again the fact they had me down as still getting payed by the army, so i had to explain the situation again this was getting frustrated and angry.

I managed to get agency work in Oct 10 and sent them payslips off to them but they only managed to receive them in Dec so i contacted them asking if they had received thme and they finally had but they say i owe them £10,000 now i know i dont owe them that amount, i admit i owe them quite a bit of money but no where near that amount, but its been 2 weeks now and they have not looked into my case and i just keep gettin fobbed off with excuses saying there to busy, i’am scared and angry and frustrated please help me, i’am worried they will seize my account which i have with my partner i cant afforred for that to happen as my partner pays all the direct debits and if that happens it will just put us in financial hardship i’am really worried. They have my bank details and i’am really worried they will just take what they want how do i stop this from happening please i need some help and advice. thank you.


  • graeme says:

    Hi John

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. I was in the Navy so i know exactly where you are coming from.

    Ok a couple of points for you that you need to do.

    1. If your ex is still claiming benefits report her to the Benefits Fraud Helpline. Make sure that you follow this up. What is good for the goose is defiantely good for the gander.

    2. You must ask the CSA in writing for a complete breakdown of your account. There are templates avaliable at (or They will charge you £10 pounds for this. This will give you all the information that they have on your account.

    3. Communication with the Agency. Dont rely on any help from them at all. It is better that you write to them and send the letter recorded delivery,. That way you can prove that they have the letter in your possesion. Keep a meticulous record of your dealings with them. Basically leave a papaer trail that you can follow.

    4. If you have to phone them, then record your conversations with them.

    5. Get your local MP involved. You pay your taxes so use him to your full ability. Make him answerable to you.

    6. Contact with your daughter. This is a difficult one but you may have to go through the courts to get regular contact. Are you entitled to Legal Aid ?

    7. Variation order for travel to see your daughter. You can apply to the Agency for help with travel costs to see your daughter. This can be hard to get but you have to pursue every avenue.

    8. Speak to Citizens Advice Bureau about your situation. They can offer some good advice.

    9. Never ever give the Agency your bank details. They will rob you blind.

    10. Ask for a complete financial breakdown of your account and pester them to see where the arrears come from. Then you can be in a better position to help yourself and your daughter.

    11. If you still have access, speak to Army Legal Section. They may be in a position to advise you.

    I amy not ghave given you any decent help, but there are some points in there that will give you a better idea in how to fight them.

    Remember, you are under the new scheme… therefore you should only be paying 15% of your income for your daughter. Unfortunately the Agency are correct in what they say about contact etc…

    If you can go self employed… make them work for their money….

    Good luck mate… you are not alone in this fight, there are many other people in a very similar situation. Dont let the thiveing money sucking scum grind you down.


  • brokenfather says:

    I am sorry to read that you and your child are yet another victim of a vile and selfish mother who believes it is her right to unilaterily relace you as your childs dad with any man she chooses, while at the same making you pay CM. It is disgusting that they can get away with it so very easily.

    The only way you can stop them taking money from your bank account is to terminate the direct debit mandate they have. They will then probably issue a deduction from earnings order on your employer though.

    I would suggest you request a copy of all the information and correspondence they have on you via your Data Protection Act rights. It will cost you £10. You may then be able to see how they have calculated the arrears, I would bet it is based on you constantly being employed by the Army!

  • Jason Hinkley says:

    firstly they CANNOT take any monies from your bank account,because this is a joint account (FACT).goto '',there is lots and lots of advice on there.have they enforced any legal action against yourself,baliffs and court?.if any baliff approaches your home 'DO NOT LET THEM IN',KEEP ALL WINDOWS SHUT AND SECURE'.try getting in touch with your local mp,either by letter or phone,i did and she contacted csa to find out more about my case.i owed arrears of only £2400,and i got made redundant so could not afford their stupid re-pay back scheme.they say you have to pay this off in 2 years which is need to contact the csa for all of your files on your account with them,this includes all what you owe and what you have law they have to send all of this to you within a certain amount of time.then you must go through every transaction they have made and yourself,to see there sums are correct(THEY GET THINGS WRONG).i went through all this last year so i know what your going through,please don't worry to in a nutshell get them files,everything should be in joint names and if it does go to baliffs they can take your car but not to sure if that still goes on.the csa are idiots and don't care about your situation,if they get your money they get bonuses for that (FACT).

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    They tried taken a grand out of our bank. My bank was very good and rang me right away…They got fluff all. I am on the bank as first husband is 2nd. So they can't take a penny…Watch them, they try everything…They are closeing down in Feb. Not maken the money they want to. It is going to court. With luck they will start looking at the NRP outgoings first…Then IF anything is left take a little.

  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    They do what they want just been told that I'm not paying arrears strange that it says on my letters that I am. And I have to pay more so now I can rent my house run a car and eat and have power on in my house which I sold to give the SS money but now can't even afford the rent. Giving up work now as I can't afford to live any more well done csa

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    they told me i definatley owed £20000 over the phone recorded it then sent me a letter 3 days later saying £17000 They get well shitty when you challenge them on it and play back the recording bastards lol

  • Sarah Ambrose says:

    on the other side of things, if a liability order is aquired for a debt, then that debt is registered against your name no matter what (although on very rare occasions they can revoke this liability order if they do so through the courts) Once a Liability order is aquired, then monies in the debtors account can be frozen.

  • Craig Bulman says:

    Whats the name of the case wanker? – jock and what is the name of your case wanker? post their names

  • Pauline Brown says:

    Yes they can Sarah, if the monies are in joint account, not sure what the position is, but if it in a single name (nrps) then yes they can freeze assets

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Thomas this is the CSA for you…CSA made us pay 26 grand. Hubby lost his business. Ended up homeless.. And he give her the home and up to 7 grand endow. But she said it was not for her children. And the CSA went along with her. who the hell was it for. If was for his child silly cow she is. But still he lost everything. Again lost our business and savings..They don't care about the children that live with us. Just that greedy gets her money….The greedy woman gets 26 grand a year to live off with our CSA. For her and a child. We have to live off 9 grand…It is about time it was all changed. Why does the other PWC child cost more than the new child. 16 years we have had CSA shit…It hits you at christmas and bithdays. And most off all you can never go on holiday…

  • Craig Bulman says:

    Change your name by deedpole and open different bank accounts

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    Put it into joint names….

  • Craig Bulman says:

    They can still go into joint accounts apparently – we all need to go to all CSA offices and frighten the shit out of the staff put the fear of God in them so they wont dare pull the shit they have been doing as there will be huge consequences

  • Dolphin Keeley says:

    In the USA they look at the fathers outgoings first as they should. Then they take a little off what is left. If you get chance get the hell out.

  • Jason Hinkley says:

    they CANNOT touch or freeze bank accounts in joint names.if a liabilty order is obtained,the 1st action are baliffs….tell them to sod off.if you have assets like your own home they can put a charging order onto this(they did this with myself).get the dp files on your csa account before a liabilty order has been done,that way you can take these to court to show the judge and for him/her to decide.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Or like me you have fuck all in your own name therefore they can steal fuck all 🙂

  • Fred says:

    Can anyone advise on this. I’ve been self employed for the last year or so,but with the recession blah blah blah I just cant get any work. I am now going to have to sign on. Being that my wife is suffering from anxiety and depression the jobcentre has advised that we will have to claim disability allowance in my wife’s name. Now… can csa take money from that and also,can they take my car which is used for school,doctors and hospital runs (for wife).

  • Jim says:

    You have to love the C.S.A. 88hrs a week and I work for £218…. Up to 40% they can legally take but somehow its a hell of a lot more than that… fucking law unto themselves…. Who else can take your driving license your passport and impose a curfew on you without taking you to court????? Oh yeah and apparently 500 miles isn’t far enough to get help with travel costs to visit my daughter. A few years back as I dropped my daughter off and left for work my ex called me a fucking mug for going to work to pay the C.S.A. so she could sit indoors and do fuck all (all paid for on benefits) and you know what shes right but I’m still doing it.

  • the csa is deffinately an area which needs to be looked at. I split from my childrens sperm donar when they were 2yrs old and 6 months old. As a mum i carried on working for my children……i am far to proud to claim benefits and wanted to put my hand on my heart and say i gave my children everything!!! Their dad is not in their lives through his own choice and i never want a penny off him. I am perfectly capable of meeting their every need myself. just so fathers know not all women are the same. although i am now with someone and his ex has decided to get csa involved. firstly if the mother has stopped all contact for no reason which would say to me she is more than happy to take on all responsibilty…….yet not financially??? slight contradiction there if you ask me.
    ok, so the father must take financial responsibility……if the mother is in a council house and benefits what financial responsibility is she providing?? none as it is our taxes that take care of her!! oh sorry appologies it must be real tough laying there with your legs spread producing children then filling out some forms to get ur house and monies!!! get up off your arse and provide for your children!!! ” oh but its not worth me working….ill get far more in benefits!!!” bloody bollocks! where is your pride ladies!! a child is for life….not for benefits!!!
    If the father is buying stuff that is requested by the mother and has all receipts to prove this….the csa just dont care!!!!
    Fathers deserve more rights to their children. it needs to be less expensive….not everyone is able to claim legal aid. and as for csa its a government body that needs to be revised!!!
    seriously need to take into account the nrp outgoings. my partner probably cannot afford to travel to work due to csa payments…..end result being that apparentley the “child” will loose out!! more like the mother but hey ho who are we???

  • neal says:

    The csa are doing there best to screw me, but for now i have ignored them!
    i just received a letter saying there taking it out of my wages leaving me with nothing to pay my bills, can they just go into your wages??? wt if the money go’s into my other halfs account?

  • Natalie says:

    Ok a bit of balance here, not all mothers are nasty, money grabbing women intent on stopping for fathers having contact with their children. I split with my partner 15 months ago and from the very start completely supported his right to see his daughter and have always allowed him to regular contact with his daughter. My ex didn’t want his daughter to go to nursery but as he was working full time he couldn’t look after our daughter so I was limited to working two nights a week as a nurse during which time my mother looks after our daughter. This gives me the absolute minimum to live on and when I asked my ex partner for maintaince for our daughter he said he would sort it out but never did. This is despite the fact the my ex lives at home with his mother so pays no rent/bills.

    Eventually after 4 months I went to the CSA and he was made to pay 15% of his pay whilst keeping 85% of his wages for himself which he spent on holidays to the caribean/laptops rtc. In comparison 85 % of my money goes on keeping a roof over our heads with the remaining money being spent on treats/clothes for my daughter. Not to play the sob story but I can’t remember the last time I spent anything on myself so the view that mothers go to the CSA and get to live a life of luxury is a joke. After paying for 6 months my ex has now failed to make a payment and its only because the CSA is involved that I stand any chance of the maintaince being restarted. Unfortunately until some men realise that it takes two people to have a child and that being a parent involves accepting joint responsibility for providing for a child the CSA is a necessary evil.

  • billy brown says:

    csa have come out of the woodwork and told me because my ex never worked between 1997 and 2008 i owe £21000 and have now started taking 40% of my wages with no form of appeal i can now not pay my rent or bills AND THEY DONT GIVE A TOSS!

  • Carl says:

    How far is the CSA’s reach?
    If I get paid by a russian company obviously based in a different country can they ask them for payments straight from my wages? If the russian company refused then could they take the monies straight from our joint UK bank account?
    I do pay straight to the mother but not as much as they would like!
    If I had a bank account in a foreign country ie France could they touch that?
    Any help APPRECIATED!!

  • Jade says:

    The father of my 8 year old daughter had paid about 400 to me in hrr whole life I have slugged my guts out since she was 1 to pay for her. The scrounger had forced off benefits as he had been on.jsa for 15 years. He started work ast first I played nice gave him a few pay checks without giving me anything then I asked for £50 a month he refused so I warned him I would go to the csa. This was at the end of feb I have not had a penny as he changed jobs and won’t reply to their letters. I am sure him and his new gf are fiddling benefits as there is no new records of him working! My new partner has 3 kids with a mega beast ex who gets £450 a month of his wage

  • CSA Fair Policy..ha ha says:

    Hi, having been paying via maintenance direct for an AGREED payment scheme back in 2009, of which payments have and presently are religiously made via standing order in the X’s account. Now even during this continuing, the CSA have made contact over xmas 2012 and claiming I am in arrears. They always are limited in the details therefore i stand proud with my continuous payments, fluent even whilst unemployed…for a quiet life..but never happens does it…the quiet life that is.

    Therefore a four paged full typed was recorded delivered covering all disgust and facts. Yet they still stand by this alledged arrears…

    From a phonecall from csa on the 28th feb emerges that a new claim was made in dec 2010 ( at the time my minor daughter had given birth….hmm good parental responsibilities there are disagree by the the PWC)

    Being honest and forthcoming and having paid 10 grand in pursuing my british rights to have parental responsibility forms …which the X has breached every time, whilst on legal aid..denying my contacts..and i accept the past cannot be changed sadly.. yet i have been up front so far with the csa on the phone yesterday and today when she phone back up again with further details..I have covered my unemployment and employment details to them ( currently unemployed due to contract work)

    Well the csa want me to terminate my present standing order to the X and start a new one through csa at the same payment until the new assessment is available with the facts and details from me..rather than estimations of earnings.

    Any advice on the above please…between myself and partner we have never had any holidays with our children or mine even during the last 10 years of being together…Having been split from the unmarried X for nearly 13 years now…

    Are there any guidlines for CIS contract working and csa payments etc..

    Thank you …and I accept not all PWC’ s are reliant on our taxes for their benefits and holidays etc…

  • Brett says:

    Does this work craig?

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