Can CSA take 50% of my wages without informing me?

February 5, 2021

I recently checked my latest wage slip, and much to my surprise, the CSA has taken the best part of 50% of my wages.
I admit, I have arrears, and do need to pay them, however, they have not sent any letters to inform me they would taking money from my wages, also I am on furlough at he moment, so getting less, and I am trying to get money together for somewhere to live.

I guess I just want to know if it’s right that they can do that, without letting me know it would be happening?


  • Guest says:

    Yes they can , they have to leave you with a % to live on which is 60% , they don’t have to inform you either no . This is a last resort method , They will of been trying to contact you to make payments for you arrears prior to this

  • Anon says:

    They tried to do the same to me after my ex lied to them, contact them, find out if the arrears are legitimate. If you have just ignored them and not made any payments they do have that right. In my case I had made the payments but they were ready to arrest my wages based on her lies. I only found out because I happened to log in to the online site:

  • Lee says:

    Stop replying with nonsense. He asked can they take 50%…. you replied YES..they can leave you with 60%….so the answer is NO, MORON. They can take up to 40%. Simple maths, Karen.

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