Can CSA make me pay for when I lived abroad?

February 18, 2016

I was divorced in 2006 and paid maintenance via the CSA, until I was made redundant and moved to the Republic of Ireland in 2007, every 2 weeks I came back to England and had my son for the weekend, picking him upo from school on the Friday and returning him to school on the Monday, I had him over half of every school holiday, whilst living in Ireland I was unemployed and not paying a structured payment scheme to me ex, however I was paying for his school clothes and of course clothes and toys when I was looking after him as his mother refused to provide anything for me. I returned to England in the summer of 2010 and found employment and immediately started paying CSA, my ex is now trying to make me pay for the 2 years I lived in Ireland, is this possible?


  • KR 2901 says:

    It depends if the country has recipricol arrangements with the UK, i have lived abroad in countries where there was no such arrangements, so i was not obliged to pay, but i did.
    Eire being in the EU will (am pretty sure) have recipricol arrangements, but if you were not working, they cannot claim for what you did not earn. Although even if out of work you are obliged to pay something. I think in UK it is £5 a week if claiming JSA.

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