Can anyone offer support for families being destroyed by the CSA?

October 9, 2012

My husband is being pursued for a liabilty order for over £35,000! The assessments are completely incorrect and the CSA are aware of this. He was actually forced to resign for a career full time employment as he couldn’t afford to live on what he was left with after CSA payments. He has since been unemployed and ill and is now self employed with little income. All of which has been tax assessed and declared. This amount is for 1 child.

The despair in our situation is that for the last 17 years he has been with me and raised my two children. The CSA have also failed me and mismanaged my case so I have not received a penny in maintenance. My ex chose to move abroad (supposedly)and my case was immediately closed – no arrears built up- nothing.

So now we are expected to find £35,000. The only people who are going to suffer are my children who have already gone without and no will likely lose their home. We have tried everything MP, complaints, ICE no one anywhere seems to have any jurisdiction over this Agency. They refuse to look at us as a ‘family’ i.e. we have had no support for our two children. They just do not care.

We have no income, spending time fighting this and writing letters is destroying our business that we are trying to build and causing daily misery. In turn I have now been diagnosed with serious ill health and so life for us now is intlerable.

Is there NO one who can deal with this or offer support to genuine families being destroyed by this malicious organisation?


  • j says:

    I feel very sorry for your position and hope you get through it. In my case the csa did nothing to help me when I was a PWC despite my ex working for the DWP while I was on income support. When my child left home I started work and the csa came after me for my other child who lived with my ex. They took so much from my pay I was better off out of work so gave up my job. The csa were aware and my Data Protection prints proved they knew the position but I had a house so they ignored the facts and came after me until ‘arrears’ built up and they put a charge on my house which they are now trying to force me to sell, so my three children will inherit nothing.
    Most MP’s don’t care as the csa is not an issue they consider to be a good press opportunity, in any event thay are powerless to do much, they voted for a system that is ‘above the law’ and possibly contravenes human rights legislation, the courts are also powerless, the csa is a part of the DWP and complaints against it are investigated by the ICE (‘independent’ case examiner) another branch of the DWP so not very ‘independent’ is it?
    The way the csa is set up means you are denied the right to a fair hearing in a court of law and this government department also interferes with your right to the quiet enjoyment of family life, two ‘rights’ enshrined in the european convention on human rights, perhaps we can make a case against he uk government?
    So many complaints are about money that is paid not being received by the PWC, or delays or the PWC not wanting csa involvement but the NRP is pursued anyway and the money collected for the secretary of state, so the csa is a scam, a tax collection exercise for the government?

    In the meantime, dont deal with them by phone, keep all assets in your name (not your partner the NRP), put all communication in writing, send recorded delivery, keep receipts and copy letters, make a formal complaint, ask for your (NRP) Data Protection prints (about £10), ask your MP to advocate for you, follow the complaints procedure – internal complaints – ICE – Parliamentry and Health service Ombudsman – Judicial Review – ECHR (complaint forms can be downloaded). Dont lose heart, dont give up and good luck.

  • chall says:

    C Jones,

    I’m sorry to learn you have serious ill health.
    The CSA do have guidelines they are suppose to follow in such circumstances, have they been informed you are unwell?

    Re; Your OH’s case..

    Is your OH case calculated using old rules?

    Initially did your OH supply the CSA with the info required to calculated a proper assessment OR was a penalty assessment put into place?
    ~ It may be possible to have a Penalty assessment converted into a proper assessment, if the info can be provided.

    Did your OH notify the agency at the time he became unemployed?
    ~ The agency may not have to make this change retrospectively and may only apply the change from the date they were notified by the NRP.

    Are the arrears on your OH case owed to the PWC or the Sec of State?

    When was the LO for £35,000 obtained and what date period does it cover?

    Are any arrears owing that accrued prior to July 2000?

    Is the case arrears only OR is regular maintenance still payable?

    Re; Your case.

    If your ex remained/returned to the UK, did you re open your case?

    I note that you state you have already ‘tried everything MP, complaints, ICE’.
    Has your OH applied for his Data Protection File from the CSA?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Tony Lass says:


    I work for the Agency and would like to help you, I cannot go into your account or anything like that but will help as much as I can.

    Why have they come to an amount of £35000 was that the amount that accumulated when he was working?

    Do you know what years it covered?

    And was it calculated from old rules or new rules have you tried to speak with the other parent to see if you can come to some agreement outside the agency?

  • C Jones says:

    The arrears of £35,000 accrued after he was forced to leave his job as the DEO did not leave him enough money to travel to work let alone pay rent etc. He spoke with an officer at the CSA and pleaded with her that this was unmanageable. He said I will have to leave my job. She said “looks like it”. He has given date and time of this comment but the CSA say they do not have a recording of the call.

    He left his job in teaching as a result. His Dad was diagnosed terminally ill and in a state of shock and despondant he went up North to stay with his parents and oother family to help out. Our relationship was unstable at the time due to this. The CSA continued to acculmulate arrears even though he wasn’t working or earning. He didn’t sign on so there is no evidence. However they know he left his job as it’s in his data file and they continued to assess based on his previous taching salary.

    It covered the years from 2001 to 2005 then he went back into teaching. He was then bullied out of that job (physically & mentally) by a staff member. A full case was prepared for tribunal but the man walked out of his job the day. Meanwhile my husband was on half pay and then no pay. But again the figures were not adjusted.

    The CSA now refues to look at any change of circs restrospectively or look at his mental state at the time. He has raised my two from the ages of 2 & 4 (they are now 18 & 21) but they refuse to take that into account as well. I was told this week by a staff member at the CSA that whatever info we give them now will not make a difference. This was in my question about whether it’s worth having an interview and will they be prepared to listen. The answer categorically was NO.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis and my health is poor so although we both now work as self employed our business is failing due to the time out due to illness and him caring for me.

    My ex left the country and after mismanagement of my case (and a compensation payment of £125) my case has been closed and no arrears are accruing. I tried to reopen the cse but they closed it agin almost instantly so I have never received maintenance for my two children. So why should my children who have already gone without have to fund another child? It is actually theft. Who decides which child is supported or not. It’s so unjust.

    My ex was made bankrupt and then caused me misery, broke into the house and took all the furniture etc, stalked the children and harrassed me then tried to make me bankrupt a he had run up debt on a jioint credit card. Beacuse ghe was bankrupt they came after me. I hung on to my property by working flat out and making do. Now all I have worked for for my children after all they’ve gone through will have been pointless.

    My condition is life threatening and life shortening. The CSA are aware and stated in a letter that while they are sorry to hear I’m ill it makes no difference. The torment from the CSA is unbearable and where is the motivation to work to just give it to a girl who from the age of 18 just wanted babies! When my husband’s relationship with her was over. She asked him to have another child with her just so that she can have two with the same parents!

  • wilf says:

    eC Jones:- If a non-resident parent leaves a job to avoid CSA payments and says as much the CSA are not obliged to complete a reassessment.
    Had he been on an income based benefit then they would have had reassess from the date he started receiving it but it seems they have no prove able date to go back to.
    What did he live on between 2001 & 2005?
    Did he tell the CSA when he recommenced teaching and then was subsequently on half pay before leaving?
    If he did not keep them informed they would not be able to complete a change of circumstances and the maintenance liability would keep charging each week leading to a build up of arrears.
    If the CSA are refusing to look at the case again you need to make an appeal,instructions on how to do this should be on any letter you receive from them or on their web site.

  • mikeb2102 says:

    Hi, I’m in a similar situation, the CSA say I owe 8600 from 2003-present, I think there has been a mistake with the calculations. During the tax year 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 I wasn’t working or claiming benefits and they want proof of this, but how are you supposed to prove that. I have phoned the inland revenue and requested my employment history, but they only go back as far as 2006/2007 and adding all the amounts up and working out the payments using an online CSA calculator, it only equates to 3500 and that’s for 6 years, so I can’t see how the 3 years prior to that is going to be 5100. I phoned a company I worked for 2004/2005 and they are sending my pay information and I have phoned the last job I had before taking my two year break to see if they can send me information regarding my employment there. What I don’t understand is that they say I have to prove I wasn’t working or claiming benefits for 2002/2003 and 2003/2004, yet I want them to prove where they got their figures from for that year, they say the onus is on me to prove it and not the other way around. If that’s the case they could just make it up as they go along and say “You owe us such and such figure and we are not going to tell you why”.

    I have full time care of my 3 year old daughter who is unrelated in this case, I don’t claim child maintenance for her. I am not working, I want to pay the debt off but I feel that paying this debt will have a detrimental effect on the daughter I have care of.

    The reason the CSA got involved in the first place was because my ex was a greedy woman and on countless occasions I offered her money to pay for my children and she refused it. The money I offered was still a stretch for me financially but it was less than the CSA wanted to take. The CSA said they had contacted me but during the time that they stated they had done this, I moved about quite a bit and didn’t receive any correspondence from them, and when I did eventually receive a letter I always phoned them straight away (surprise surprise, they have no phone records and they can’t speak for the Royal Mail so as far as they are concerned I received the letters and didn’t act upon them).

    I spoke to another ex(a nice ex) who is involved in this case and she said she didn’t contact the CSA and doesn’t want a penny from me and we get on fine.

    Last year the bailiffs got in touch and I agreed to pay £50 a month to clear the arrears off, which was quite crippling considering I wasn’t working, I paid this for just over a year and stopped because I ran into financial difficulty (They had my old address anyway so I figured it would go back to the CSA and I would then dispute the amount I owed, my plan worked). I contacted the nice ex, she said she hadn’t received a penny from the CSA even though I paid well over £600.

  • skippydo says:

    Please may spread the word and please let’s try setup a REAL COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to this mess.

    A protest March for fairness! on FEB 1ST 2014 @ 10 DOWNING ST and DWP Head office.

    Who’s in?

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