Can anybody make sense of how much I’m supposed to pay?

January 22, 2014

I am Writing this piece as I hope someone can direct me as I am at My Wits End through the csa.

I will be shortly going to court again for the 4th time.

Back in April 2008 I received a letter saying I Owed £2’188.00 which I was told to pay only £283.00.
Then I had liability order against to attend court in November 2008 For £11886.16 on arrival at court I was greeted by a member of the csa who then told that she couldn’t take me into court as she believed that the amount was wrong and that she would right to me with the correct amount to which I heard nothing.(After I had lost my job with P&O due to the csa getting an attachment of earnings of 40% which then I couldn’t afford to to keep my job as I worked up in Scotland and couldn’t afford to pay my car or insurance let alone my housing and living costs).

I kept on getting letters from different branches of the csa asking for different amounts ranging from £2’000 – £22’000. I started work in a pub in Cornwall 2012 When it all started again with phone calls to my work place making demands for payment over the phone which I refused to pay.

They then sent me a letter in 2013 demanding I pay £17’364.85 in a one off payment payable within 7 days. After various phone calls which I couldn’t pass the security questions due to me not knowing how much I was supposed to pay They then took me to court again for the 2nd time in September 2013 for 17’364.85 I was called into an office where I spoke to the csa prosecutor and showed him all my letters which I had kept from the csa with all the different amounts , to which he withdrew the case pending a breakdown of the £17’364.85 to which they broke it down to £1’047.00 then added £16’000 on as an added adjustment????.He said if its all not broken down by the csa he cant proceed with the case.
I heard nothing for a couple of months

then to my horror I was ordered back to court yet again for the 3rd time in January 2014 as the csa had got another liability order against me this time it was for £10’508.74 . So Yet again i went to court and had the same discussion as my previous date with the local magistrates court and was told the same by the csa prosecutor that she couldn’t take it into court due to conflicting figures I did demand to go in court which they had ordered to go which the csa refused me to going in (wonder why).It has been a week since I was last in court and have now had another demand for a 1 off payment of £17’364.85 payable with in 7 days which will be going to court again now for the 4th time.

Please don’t judge me I know I owe something all I am asking For is someone to come up with the right amount what I am Suppose to Pay but all they can breakdown for me is £1’047.00 and not the full £17’364.85 which they say I owe.

Also surely if you are sent an liability order to go to court you should have to answer to a magistrate not someone who calls you into a room for them to withdraw the case.

I hope someone can assist me as I said I am not running away from what I am suppose to pay I just want a breakdown of how they come to the figures the say I owe or am I asking to much the csa have never given me any payment plan of what im suppose to pay.

Thanks For taking the time to read my article.


  • jo says:

    Is this amount done on an interim assessment? is your case on old rules or new rules? Have you submitted all that the csa of asked?

    You need to establish where these arrears are from, you can do this by asking for a copy of your file from the csa which cost £10.00 and also taking your paperwork and see an mp asap.

    my husband was getting letter’s with different amounts,
    we got our mp involved to do a proper assessment and it turned out he owed nil….pwc wasn’t happy to say the least as she thought they guaranteed her 17,000!

    Start a complaints process and don’t bury your head in the sand. It will not go away so you’ll need to sort it out, and don’t give into csa demands

  • philmurphy40 says:

    thanks for you reply to my case dates back to 1993 so I presume it will be on both old and new rules. I have paid that £10.00 and have everything regarding my case. I have asked them for breakdown after breakdown as well as the csa own prosecutor also demanding a full breakdown yet the csa will only send me a breakdown of £1’047.00 dated back to 2004 then at the bottom they stick an added adjustment on for £16’000.00 .
    The fact I haven’t had my opportunity to speak for myself in court is quite frustrating as every time it goes to court the csa don’t let me go in to speak to magistrates like they have made an order for me to appear before them.
    3 times I have appeared and 3 times sent away without me entering the court room, also II have been in touch with the courts who have informed because I haven’t actually been into court to see the magistrates they take that as if I haven’t turned up when its the csa actually withdrawing the case.
    Im sure if the csa had all the case in hand and I said we couldn’t go in they would soon turn round and say I had to go in . It seem to me the csa are rule to themselves all I want is a fair hearing to which I am yet get.
    Thanks for your comment I shall keep informed of any progress in my case .
    I AM HUMAN BEING NOT A GOVERMENT TARGET as I believe we are (BOLTON BRANCH you know where I am coming from how many cases have you been switched from)

  • jo says:

    Hmmmm no liability should be granted after the year 2000 on any case that pre dates this.

    I would take a look at the nasca website and get some proper advice on your case as it all seems to be a huge mess….they can’t stick on 16,000 without a reason?

    See your mp and take all the paperwork including your file with you and try and get some answers.

  • philmurphy40 says:

    Thanks Jo
    Im having a look at the website as we speak once again thanks for your comment it means so much just to be able to talk to someone who might point me in the right direction.
    Shall keep you informed watch this space


  • jo says:

    Yes please do…it sickens me that csa without any reasoning can do what they like.

    in my husbands case I haven’t existed until a few years ago and csa have bumped up arrears etc to suit them because they lost vital info.

    don’t give up, also have you put an appeal in yourself to make the csa accountable for their actions?

  • jo says:

    Also if you have the money durham csa legal advice are pretty good, gave us some sound advice when we first started getting harassed…but this service does cost if you want them to represent you.

  • philmurphy40 says:

    Hi Jo
    don’t suppose you could send me a link to the website you suggested I take a look at I don’t seem to be able to locate anything.

  • jo says:

    Which site did you want?

  • jo says:

    If you type in nasca csa it should take you straight there and type in durham legal services csa it should take you straight to it.

    im not sure how to copy links on my android so apologies.

  • jo says:

    Or nacsa even

  • philmurphy40 says:

    I don’t seem to be able to get anyone to represent me at all , I have been to countless solicitor’s who refuse to take the csa on .
    I am not disputing that I owe I just want someone to stand up for me and get explanation of how they come to the figures they do It seems to me as if they just pull figures from wherever they like. I forgot to mention that my case is clerical whatever that means and is dealt with at Bolton even though I get letters from every other csa office around the country except the office where it is being dealt with. (joke)

  • jo says:

    Bolton are known for their errors this is probably why you can’t get the info you need as they fail to record anything correctly. A clerical case is where the info they have can’t be put onto the computer, it’s bazically said o….see your mp as s/he will have the right channels to get a decent breakdown for you…I will warn you it does take time but it is free.

    Nacsa charge for their services and durham legal are csa specialists in csa matters but they do charge but are tailored to your needs.

  • jo says:

    *No even….and our case went to bolton from plymouth and crewe, its now in Wolverhampton and belfast? If it goes to Newcastle if I can recall you know you’ve pissed them off lol

  • philmurphy40 says:

    What makes me so angry is that they phone my work place asking me to pay over the phone as well as sending demands for payment to be made in a 1 off payment within 7 working days how can they expect anyone to pay £17’000.00 in a one off payment . Also is it not wrong to take someone to court and not let them go into the actual court room and see a magistrate after all the tax payer is paying for all these cases the csa take to court . Since when do the csa become judge and jury .

  • jo says:

    We’ve had it too…just send a letter recorded that you will not discuss anything over the phone and want it all in writing….this is your right!

    Csa wanted 13,000 on a debt we never knew existed and I said if we’re struggling with a deo put in place where do you expect us to have 13,000 grand….They threatened us but I soon said do whatever because we haven’t got it, she went rather quiet…bearing in mind I don’t exist!

    My husband has learning difficulties so I deal with his case and saw all the errors, arrears were from a period he had operations and his ex said he was earning 400+ a week without needing to show proof….soon sorted that out!

  • John says:

    ~ philmurphy40.

    The CSA staff are playing you for a fool, and using you for their performance targets.

    I would involve your M.P. as there seem to be so many different calculations and varying amounts of ‘alleged’ arrears. Ask your M.P. to obtain proof of the alleged arrears from the CSA on your behalf.

    Do NOT engage with the CSA staff in this matter, and if they are ringing you at work, make a complaint of harassment either to them, your M.P. or id needs be, the Police.

    Ask the CSA to mark your file ‘no telephone contact’. Get everything in writing as evidence, as Jo says.

    If after seeing your M.P., you are getting nowhere, ask for a free consultation with a solicitor.

    Don’t give in to these lying, thieving basta–s.

    Good luck.

  • Ian says:

    Comment to Philmurphy.Next time they get you to court and they turn round and say their not going in because their figures are wrong you should demand they follow it through getting them in front of the judge and exposing them for the incompetent idiots they are and maybe next time they won’t be in such a hurry to take you to court also claim for any expenses you may of incurred by having to go out of your way to attend court.teach them a lesson end of the day they should make sure their facts are right before threatening or even dragging you to court .

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