Calculations show I don’t owe anything

November 21, 2012

I have been paying for my children from the moment I left, months before the CSA got involved.

She wont allow me to see the childrena and has made everything very difficult.

About 9 months ago I received an arrears demand from the CSA of £2000, I wrote back to them asking for a breakdown of these arease which finally arrived 6 months later. I gathered the evidance to prove all of the “additional payments” I had made through cheque and standing order direct to their mother and provided the CSA with copies of all bank statements and cheques.

They then call me to say that they cant take these into consideration because their mother disputes ever receiving them. I point out that I have provided proof and why do they take her word that she didnt receive them. The CSA say they will look into it and come back to me.

Two days later I get a call to say I have overpaid by £800, I think this is strange and raise my concern but they confirm this is right.

Today a month later they ring me again to say sorry we made a mistake you are £800 in arrears !!!!!!!!!!!!

I again ask them for a breakdown because my calculations (proof provided to CSA) clearly show that I don’t owe anything.

What can I do, this is becoming a joke.


  • Alice says:

    If your case is set that you should pay the agency and Maintenance Direct and you pay to the PWC then the CSA accounts will not see this money as being paid, if you then advise that you have made direct payments and the PWC states that she did not receive the payments, or indeed confirms that she received the money but it was not for Child Maintenance then the CSA cannot adjust the debt on the system.

    If the PWC states that she has not received the money but you are able to provide evidence that you have paid it (ie bank statements, counter payments, cheques etc) the CSA can consider your evidence, they would most likely contact the PWC again and advise that they have evidence that the money was received at which point the PWC may confirm that she has received it when earlier she denied it. If however she still states that the money was not for child maintenance they would have to consider various points and make a decision as to whether they accept it as child maintenance or not … if the payments were regular and for the same amount as the maintenance calculation it would go int he NRP’s favour, if they are irregular and for different amounts they would consider the information given by the PWC (things like PWC stating that the money was in repayment for a loan she made to the NRP, paying back debts incurred when the NRP/PWC were a couple or things like school trips, swimming lessons etc) then it may be that the decision would be to go with the PWC’s side.

    If you are getting told you have overpaid and then being told there are still arrears then you need to ask for a client statement right back to the start of the case and this will show every charge, payment and adjustment on the account

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