Being chased by CSA despite not a UK resident

April 15, 2012

So I paid my CSA contributions for 2 years and then left the UK due to work obligations and furthering my career.

I’ve started to put cash aside in to another account as not been happy with the use of the cash I provided and since I am no longer duty bound for the CSA to tell me what to do have decided that a savings account my daughter can access when she’s 18 is the best option.

However, I left in November, providing notice in October to the CSA of my situation, they told me the case would be closed but still I get chased for payments.

I’ve called them countless number of times and explained my situation and everytime they’ll “look in to it” but never get a response.

I then continue to receive statements.

I’ve written to them 6 times now advising of my situation and just now received a response claiming they originally wrote to me in November asking for further information.

Information such as.

Am I employed by a UK company
HM Forces
Local Authority

Details of current employer
How long abroad
Are you intending to return
Do I still have a home/property in the UK Do I have a bank account in the UK

Now I’ve told them all of the above on numerous conversations, they’ve never once referenced a letter being sent before.

The only thing I’m not happy to tell them about is my new employer, they are not affiliated to the UK and frankly don’t want the CSA getting involved.

They do no have jurisdiction as I am no longer a UK resident. I don’t have property in the UK but why should it matter if I did, and what has a bank account got to do with any of this?

At the end of the day, my commitment is to my child and I’ll deal with that how I see fit, while I was a UK resident I bent over backwards and got abused by this system. I should have a choice in all of this.

Now I am not a UK resident all I want is for them to write to me to confirm that I am no longer responsible by their terms and that when I return, IF I return that I’ll be liable to continue paying.

Any one got a similar experience and know how I should handle this? they’re giving me the run around, avoiding direct questions, postponing any “response” and then fabricating “letters” that clearly never existed!


  • Carol says:

    Unfortunately it would have to be the PWC who withdraws the claim.

    The reason they want to know if you have any UK assets is to put a notice over any property or seize cars etc. They would also be able to access a UK Bank account and take money out.

    With regard to your last paragraph they do that with everyone! Best thing to do is putting everything in writing and get them to reply to you by e-mail that way they can’t go back on anything.

    The CSA do have reciprocal agreements with other EU countries and also Australia seemingly which other countries have to honour. Check out the Advice Forum on here for further info about it.

  • rach says:

    tell them that you are now out of their jurisdiction and that your employer is in no way connected with the uk. they can easily find out that you are not working for a uk based employer through the inland revenue. send it all recorded delivery and keep a copy of the letter and the receipt of posting. I would not answer anymore of their questions .also say you have no intention of returning to uk and demand that the case is closed

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