Axe Murder at the Child Support Agency

August 10, 2010

Coming soon to a theatre near you is ‘Axe Murder at the Child Support Agency’. This completely fictitious movie is based on a thousand true stories of how the CSA has driven men to the verge of violence, despair and, in many cases, suicide.

Maybe this film will happen one day, maybe it will be based on true events – maybe David Cameron will spare the film from happening by taken his own axe to the CSA and getting rid of them once and for all.

In the meantime however, we can enjoy the imagery of what could be if someone did take an axe to the CSA, using a real axe. As the poster says, this is filmed on location at the CSA offices in Belfast, Birkenhead, Dudley, Falkirk, Hastings and Plymouth.

What do you think of the film idea? We think it’s a winner… possibly by Michel Winner. Calm down dear, it’s only an axe.


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  • Karen Bedford says:

    How about what it has done to the woman (mothers)? No one seems to care about them!

  • KarlGarrett says:

    Karen, unfortunately you are in the minority here…but yes, there is a golden few of you “nice” women around…which is rare. The rest are just money sucking leeches.

  • martin dell says:

    the scary thing about this post is it could happen if the csa continue on the disgraceful and unlawful path .all they would have to do is push a father to far .

    every one has a breaking point . if you have everthing unlawful taken from you and have nothing left what else do you have to lose

    this flim should realy go ahead with all the evidence available of the csa disgraceful behaviour the flim would be true and honest something they could never admit themselves

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Martin – the more I think about this, the more I think it would make a great film. It could have loads of true stories and real events to give it credence, even feature some genuine recorded phone calls and hidden camera footage, before finally someone snaps and the second half the film is a bloodbath of CSA case workers.

    Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

    It could be the first docu-horror with real footage – a winner for everyone.

  • Foxy Fox says:

    ahem… its not just man who have been driven almost mental by them….

  • big john says:

    please someone do it .. pleassssssssse

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