At my wit’s end with the CSA

January 17, 2014

My daughter was born 27/5/1997
Up till June 2012 I was paying £105 per week, I went self employed from June 2012 till September 2012 (the rate changed to £15 per week) I advised CSA that I was back in work September 2012 & again December 2012 (rate changed to £32 per week) In July last year I had to attend a tribunal regarding payments made from June 2012 to Sept 2012 (ex partner claimed I should have been paying more – also I would disclose my existing partners wages) When asked at Tribunal if I was still self-employed I showed them copies of letters sent in September & December, showing my advice to them of employment.
I have had endless correspondence from CSA relating to the period I was self-employed and after. My employees have now received a Deduction from Earnings Order starting next week of £161.43 per week (my take home pay is £392.37 per week) 43% of my take home pay.
I am at my wits end what can I do stop working or disappear.
I am not sure how I can cope with this, I just want to crawl away and die.


  • Bill says:

    You need to send in a list of your outgoings against your income and ask them to reduce the amount of arrears being paid each week.
    They can reduce the amount taken each week from 40% to 30% of your net income.
    They will not reduce the maintenance liability.
    Send all letters and enclosures recorded delivery.

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