At my wits’ end – please help!

February 18, 2014

Hello, I am at my wits end.

9 yrs ago my marriage broke up, my ex was an Army Officer & he used his position to gain 100% Residency through the Courts in order to send my two young children to Boarding School. The Residency Order meant he could claim the generous Boarding School allowance. For this I had to relinquish the family allowance too. The Judge making the order was a spinster who even agreed after summing up that she thought it contravened the human rights act but went ahead anyhow. This is where my life changed. I no longer had access to the children & the enforced the strict 56 yearly over night rule & I sought court order after court order & paid a fortune in legal fees. He then went to CSA & well they decided to threaten me with legal action if I didn’t pay maintenance!! The rest is history.

Finally after my ex retired from the Army I returned to court to change the order to a fairer shared Residency one. I applied for Family allowance & was awarded it for one child & my ex the other as out situations are now equal (other than his high earnings) yet the CSA still insist I pay him 20% of my pay each month.

Please help… What can I do next?


  • CSA warrior says:

    in the first instance i have to say you got away lightly usually they take 40%.
    I really dont know what you are asking for help with.

    You can appeal the csa decision on the basis that the amount is incorrect or that the amount that you earn is incorrect

    you cant not pay. everyone else does

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