At least if I was put in prison someone might listen to me!

April 26, 2014

After paying csa for a while I got laid off and couldn’t keep up the payments that I was paying. After speaking to someone was told a note would be made!

How wrong was I to believe this was the case and them nice people at the CSa was actually helping me!after two months of not being in work I finally found a job on paye not self employed,at a wage decrease of 12,000 a year just for the continuity of work and wages with a salary,this is where the head ache really begins!

I rang CSa to inform them I had a new job on less money but was willing to keep payments as set before as they was fair and reasonable and what they had set, CSa told me to send payslips for the whole of march and April and as we was only in February I said this was not possible as we hadn’t even been through these months.

Maybe its me but apparently this wasn’t except able and this was the information they needed to re asses me as now I have no expenses being paye, I have gave them my employers details the wage slips I had 3 times now and after chasing CSa for 2 months for an answer.

I get told we told you you will have new figure in 7 days then another person says 28 days, when I explain that could I have a rough amount to pay they say we can’t give you that information,hence arrears build up and for some reason almost as if plucked out the air my arrears now stand at over 1000 pound.

Now I’m not einestien but that is even after what I was due to pay highly inflated to scare me.i finally got a new figure of 78 a week but they had done that on my last tax return try explaining I’m employed now and have a salary is like going up the garden path and talking to the fence post.

Anyway the figure I have worked out on my wages at the 15% I worked it out too 55 a week, which after my own living cost and providing for my son leaves me with £16 a week to live!

I’ve been told that I will new to pay at least £50 a week off arrears, can’t get blood out of a stone!

Saying should be changed to can’t get an answer out of CSa! After 3 months of chasing CSa and getting no where no answers I really feel it will be better for them to put me in prison at least I might have a chance to fight my corner n be heard!

All I want to do is provide for my son fair amount so he is happy fed n clothed and not be spoken to like a irresponsible father who doesn’t care, to be spoken over and told “our hands are tied by law” to have an understanding that if you say about child poverty ( this country has a benefit system in place) what about adult poverty through the sheer lack of knowledge mis information the aggression to grind you down attitude.

Not all separated dads are the same, I want to pay pay on time the right amount!


  • Cheryl says:

    I so feel for you. I don’t know if it’s me but have they got worse over the years in respect to answers, it’s like the right hand don’t know what the left hands doing!!!

  • Danny says:

    I have got my case file from CSa using the data protection act, it seems it doesn’t reveal a lot! I have had local mp involved he got a letter back saying the figure is 55 a week I then ring CSa to say right this is the figure you have told the mp are we using that now then all I get is well no that is a round about figure I’m putting that much aside just in case it is,I feel at a loss because if sites and good honest people are not getting any where and hitting brick walls what chance have I got? I try to do what they ask do things the right way and its never enough either they say they lost it or they have no record of it when I send everything recorded delivery and know it been signed for! The worst thing about this is the way they assainate your character and they don’t even know you I’m not a reckless irresponsible father I wanna pay what is due and be there for my son but its the CSa system that is causing this headache! I’m sure I’m not the first and certainly not the last

  • Sarah says:

    I know this may be a daft question, but can’t you deal directly with your ex?

    My ex had problems with CSA taking too much money he pays me direct and if for any reason he misses a payment as the file is already set up with CSA he knows that I can reopen the claim at anytime.

    Not that I would want to or need to as he pays a decent amount on a regular basis.

    I do however use CSA for my youngest sons Dad but that is because of the circumstances surrounding our break up and the need to prevent him from finding out where I live. He however pays me nothing at the moment

  • Danny says:

    My ex seems to thrive on knowing I’m going through so much stress I’ve tried pleading that I have my sons money in an account and have put the amount of what I think it will be close too for the last 3 months of £57 a week the money can be transferred with a reference of child maintenance, all I ask is that she tells the CSa I’m doing this and we now have a private arrangement so the CSa can cease to bring me stress and give me the most un useful and contridicting information and tell me I’m in the wrong, she won’t play ball, I’ve said I want her to have this money as my son gets a roof over his head fed and clothed and its only right I share the cost it brings, he is my son my responsibility as well and there is no more I can ask of her, the crazy thing is she used to love money and here I am saying please take this money all that’s needed is a phone call from you to CSa so we are covered and like you point out the case can be re-opened at anytime! Words fail me as to why! The only realistic reason I can think of is the CSa are saying they can get more for her and they can punish me if I can’t pay it, I’ve used there calculator to know the figure I have on 15% is correct but the CSa just won’t say and I’ve had 3 different amounts in last few months one more one less then one really high, if I could get this sorted quickly then I would be over moon but as CSa say they haven’t got a figure just yet and my case is on going and being looked at what am I supposed to? I had another phone call asking for payslips again after sending them 3 times by recorded delivery and know they been signed for to be told they have knowledge of receiving them!

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