Arrears with the Child Support Agency

July 15, 2011

29/12/10 letter received
Over Payment to ***** £438.86

Arrears of £5,196.34 **** No one can work out why!. from approx 18 years ago. Schedule of payments arranged 2007.

2/01/11 Phone call made. Spoke with Insiya for approx 1 hour.
Arrears in letter dated 04/072007 £5,583.92.
Arrears in letter dated 29/12/2010 £5,196.34 Debt only reduced by £387.58 since july 2007.

Letter 04/07/2007 £92.00 weekly £46.00 of which toward arrears starting 15/07/2007

Weeks from 15/07/2007 to 26/12/2010 = 179 x £46.00 TOTAL = £8,234.00 Was told the arrears monies had been paid in error to The Secretary of State.

A request had been sent asking for the monies to be returned but noone was able to tell me the amount.
I would be called within a week. No call or correspondence to date

Called to ask what was happening, & to remind CSA that my payments had not been changed in line with the proposed schedule of letter 29/12/2010 and that therefore the over payment to *** was more and that the arrears figure had now also increased.
A case worker had been assigned and would call me back ASAP. She Called on 28/02/2011 introducing herself and saying she would call with 2 weeks.
No call to date

Couple of calls made asking for payments to be reduced. Also informed I no longer had a case worker. Still no news as to the payments made to The Secretary of State. Aninternal email to be sent asking for payments to be reduced & a case worker to be appointed ASAP.

No call or correspondence to date

Called and spoke with Darren who told me that as of the 01/06/11 I had been allocated a case worker called Lindsey Mulligan She would be in touch. No call or correspondence to date

Called to check situation: No updates on system Email sent to Lindsey Mulligan. Told I would be contacted within 5 days

Monies paid £9,568 @ £46 weekly for 208 weeks from 17/07/11 to 15/07/07 This is an over payment of £3,984.08


  • sapman says:

    this case is exactly the same as mine, owe over 6k to Secretary of state from 1994 and have took out a doe on me . been fighting phoning writing for last 2 years and got the same as you, no case worker then case worker been allocated and be in touch , i have never had a call of them in nearly 2 years yet they take my monies each month i have appealed and was told a new case worker has to be appointed . to date i believe i have had 7 case workers and not 1 has every phoned me !! when i ask why they change case workers am told when it changes department i.e. change of circumstance to back pay or arrears it has to be re allocated… what a pile of shit . my last case worker told me because the arrears are from 1994 i had no right to appeal as i only have 28 days to appeal and will be judged as being 17 years too late , regardless of the fact the arrears only came to light in 2009…. how can this be right???

  • Ricky says:

    Before October 2009, I had been paying the CSA via deduction on my wages when I was working, they were taking around £120-30 each week, leaving me with around £150.00 to support myself and my partner and our new born, with previous debts, rent, council tax, living costs. My partner had passed away 16th October 2009, leaving me to raise my son who was 4 months old, I had been trying to see my other boy but was refused contact I had taken further steps to take my xpartner to court which lasted 4years. Now both me and my x, are on talking grounds, the CSA was cancleed, but they are still asking me to pay £378.00 for arrears. I have contacted the CSA and have explained my situation, basically they don’t care and still want me to pay the arrears, I had asked them where my money was for the child I am raising, they said we can’t get money from a dead person, which was rude and out of order. I have my other son on a regular basis now and I don’t see any money coming towards me. I wish to return to work, but I can’t due to the fact I would still need to pay these arrears which could leave me and my son homeless as money is very tight, as we all know. I am sicken by the CSA attitude and feel that most of us men are discriminated by the CSA. I can understand if they were trying to get money from people whom don’t want to know their child, but there are people out there, trying to know their child but always seems worst off, due to women who try to mess us over..

  • chall says:


    Was your ex claiming benefits when the arrears accrued?

    If she wasn’t, then all the arrears would be due to her, and she can elect that the agency do not collected them.

    If she was the majority of such will be owed to the secretary of state.
    However she would have been due to receive the first £10 pw of collected maintenance, until Oct 2008, when it increased to £20pw. The total benefit disregard was brought in April 2010. In this case she could only elect not to have her share not collected.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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