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Arrears made up by the CSA

I was told by the CSA that I owe at first worked out at £2700 now they inform me that I owe £3740 in the space of 4 to 6Wks the person I spoke to looked at my record back to 2006 with no sign of missed payments.

In November I asked for a breakdown of the arrears but with no response from the CSA what can I do as they want to take money direct from my pay of payments I am unable to survive on due to a wage of £214 take home before any bills are paid.

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  1. If you have made a request for a breakdown of the arrears and the CSA have not responded, contact the Information Commisioners office to make a complaint.

    The CSA have statutory timescales to respond to, regarding requests for information.

    Also go to see your M.P. as you are being criminalised and impoverised by the CSA.

  2. I have been receiving letters from the CSA from November 2010, with referance to arrears on my CSA payments.In November 2010, I requested a breakdown to find out where the arrears has come from, and why its taken so long to inform me, as the person I spoke to looked back upto 2006 with no apparent arrears, so where is the arrears from?Which by the way has increased from £2,718-33,,,,to over £3,700 in two to three weeks??? I am STILL waiting for the said breakdown. I am also going to contact my MP as I feel criminalized and impoverished to a point of me being so stressed I dont want to work any more.

  3. You should also make a formal complaint to the CSA complaints dept; if you haven’t all ready. This should get you a compensation payment.

    Let your M.P.’s office do the work for you. let them contact the CSA and deal with this issue.

    Please write to the DWP (Duncan-Smith), and tell him what a shambles the CSA is highlighting your case. The more people that do this, the better chance of this disgraceful shambles being shut down as BEING not fit for purpose!

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