Are they just making this arrears up?

July 23, 2014

To all the people that have had problems with the CSA, IT TOOK ME FIVE YEARS TO PROVE THAT I DID NOT OWE ARREARS THEY SAID I OWED.

I was nearly suicidal but with the help of my new partner who is very clever and supportive, I was able to find the strength to keep fighting, I wrote to my local MP, the government borrowed money from my Mum to get an accountant, they did take a big chunk of money that I had paid in the first place to avoid an attachment of earnings, although I was eventually able to prove that I didn’t owe this money.

Six years on I still haven’t had the money back, now after 6 years of fighting because I moved away, and I earn less now, my ex wife contacted me because she is now afraid she won’t get any money, we have come to an agreement, although she has done everything in her power to stop me seeing the children for the last six years.

I even carried on paying for my eldest daughter for well over a year and she had left school and had a job, I only found this out by accident, and when contacted the Child Support Agency didn’t explain to me why I hadn’e been informed and to this day I haven’t received my money back for that either, apparently I have to pay the same amount for two as I did for three????

Don’t quite understand how that works, anyway my ex wife, has now told the Child Support Agency she doesn’t want to involve them anymore, and that we will work it out between ourselves, but apparently, I now owe them £1046.16 in arrears, where this amount has been plucked from I will never know, think they make it up as they go along.

Anyway I called them to ask them what the arrears were for and they couldn’t give me a sensible answer, because they don’t actually know, that’s what the computer says so it must be right, I have kept every letter I have evr been sent from the CSA, and when I quoted a letter back to them from last year that I don’t owe any arrears after my five year battle with them, and that I have never missed one payment, the lady at the CSA, was at a loss as to what to now say, so she just said yes you do owe it, and that was the end of that, so now I will have another battle to get these arrears they’ve plucked out of the air taken off, otherwise, if my ex wife decide’s to be spiteful again apparently she can come after me at a LATER date through the CSA to get these arrears back.

The CSA are a nightmare, I believe their should be independent solicitor’s to help NRP to talk for us when the CSA won’t listen, everyone I know that has had to deal with the CSA has had a nightmare, so don’t ever feel your the only one’s, the CSA go after working Fathers and once they get their teeth into god help us all, but all it really does is give the ex’s the leverage they need to decide if they don’t want you in the kids lives then you won’t be because even if we wanted to go to court we can’t afford it because of the extortionate child support bill’s we all end up with.

I do not object to paying Child Support but it should be means tested on both sides, and the Mother’s should be able to play god with the children, I bet if the CSA said to the Mother’s that they had to let NRP see the children or they wouldn’t get any money, the Mother’s would soon let the kids see the NRP, unless obviously the children were at risk in any way.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with the CSA, they are a completely unfair organisation and should be shut down for good, keep fighting them though, because things are starting to change, bit too late for me, but hopefully in the future things will be fairer, for the children and the NRP.


15 Responses to “Are they just making this arrears up?”

  1. Ben Wiskin on July 23rd, 2014 8:33 am

    Csa admitted in writing they took about £5000 in arrears I didn’t owe, £2440 was admitted within the last 2 weeks. Refuse to pay it back though.

  2. Claire James on July 23rd, 2014 8:46 am

    On another side my ex actually does owe me £2500+ while he hides from the CSA and refuses to cooperate. He has not given me a penny since March 2012 and often let’s his son down 10 mins before he is due to arrive….oh but he can by my 11 yo, an iPhone, BMX, and designer aftershave. CSA have been great and a have kept me informed along the way, admitidly I have had to phone them monthly together the information. This is all now being passed to the legal team, to which my ex has been informed, in retaliation he has shaved my sons head In a ridiculous style…he has my son for the holidays at the mo, glad I have a set of clippers at home!

    Not only is he hiding from the CSA but he has not paid any tax, NI since 2003 when I threw his lazy bullying arse out!

    No I don’t agree with men being hounded when they are prepared to pay, but the CSA is there for people like me! Good luck to the OP fighting this X

  3. Dave Pearce on July 23rd, 2014 9:24 am

    I’ve been in the same shite I’ve just only got it sorted 4yrs one csa waste of space jokers

  4. Mike Dillon on July 23rd, 2014 9:57 am

    i asked for a full breakdown of accounts & a copy of every payment ive made from my bank,their is £840 in payments not accounted for

  5. melanie parton on July 23rd, 2014 10:31 am

    the csa hound men wen they dont owe u muny as we well know there are many sides to the coin of the csa n like the writer of this complaint we gave also been fightin to not pay a debt we dont owe i say we its my husbands case but asvthey taking my kids muny as income its WE not the father…….they have been told by court they have it wrong we are now draggin the bk to court agsin coz they have lied lied n lied agsin ice team have upheld their failures told them to compensate no money received ombudsman mp court ico for data breach and sec of state niw involved……mmi agree shut them down bim on the side of criminalised fathers who are stressed out to the point they wsnt to end it all due to this agency bully boy tactics

  6. Melanie Parton on July 23rd, 2014 10:34 am

    im on side of dads weve been fighting goin in 2 5 years in feb for avdebt my hubby doesnt owe court n appeals unit have told them ice have upheld their failures but dtill demamding it even tjo a higher court judge has told them NO……..rediculus there an absolute disgrace

  7. Melanie Parton on July 23rd, 2014 10:34 am

    fight goes on……..sec of state involved now

  8. Ben Wiskin on July 23rd, 2014 11:32 am

    I went through the parliamentary complaints procedure, unfortunately that takes you directly to the MP in charge of the csa who wrote me a four page letter that could of been shortened to two words. Fuck you.

  9. Leigh Stewart on July 23rd, 2014 1:30 pm

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  10. Peter Anderson on July 23rd, 2014 8:08 pm

    And even when you have proved it, they will still keep coming back at you with DEO’s etc because they deem that you still owe it!

  11. Mike hunt on July 23rd, 2014 8:47 pm

    Yes the CSA are cunts.. If you have arrears owing to you in overpayments and need some advice contact childsupportagencyripoffs for advice. Lisa Roberts will help you. Many success on the site and lists of influential people to email plus draught letters to get you going. Good luck to you all.. When the shit hits the fan and this all comes out as has the kiddy fiddling ring within Westminster there will be massive repercussions for the CSA, ice, parliamentary ombudsman etc etc who try and cover up for each other. This is all very we’ll hidden at the moment but it cannot stay that way.. They trade on the fact that people who pay through the CSA are stigmatised by the general public who think CSA= fathers who avoid paying but this couldn’t be further from the truth… Always remember you are not alone and there is always help out there, you just need to know where to look…….

  12. Peter Anderson on July 24th, 2014 1:45 am

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  13. KMcQ80 on July 24th, 2014 8:42 am

    The CSA tried to play fictitious arrears card on me.
    Fortunately I have only deal with the CSA in writing and kept a record of all letters received and sent in date order.

    So far this year I have received from the CSA:-
    Letter informing I owe £1, 300.
    Letter informing me I do not have arrears but have to pay £180 per month (I didn’t).
    Letter informing me my case is closed.
    Letter informing me I am £400 in arrears.
    Letter informing me they are going to take legal action against me unless I phoned them.
    I did.
    Read the letters I have revived from The CSA and said take me to court.

    I was told my case is being dealt with by CSA offices in:-
    St Leonards on Sea.
    and Wolverhampton.
    The person I spoke to was in Birmingham!

    The CSA is unfit for purpose.
    It spends too much time and energy on parents who do pay and not on those who don’t.
    This is what you get when taxpayer’s money is spent employing the unemployable.
    When targets are set and bonuses are paid.If you have a problem with the CSA and are threatened with court action, go for it.
    The CSA then check your case, probably for the first time ever;, check to see if you really do have arrears.
    If they don’t have a case they will back off.

  14. Leigh Stewart on July 24th, 2014 11:51 am

    Law onto them selfs,

  15. Bill on July 24th, 2014 11:34 pm

    Law unto themselves.

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