Are they allowed to keep moving the goal posts?

May 13, 2013

We were told by CSA at the beginning when the claim against my partner started (4years ago), that when his son reaches 18 years of age, the payment we have to make would stop. However, this then changed and we were told that the latest it would stop would be on his 19th birthday if he continued until this time in full time education.

When we called them to ‘remind’ them he would soon be turning 19, they told us that because his mother was still claiming Child Benefit, our payments to her would continue. Are they allowed to keep moving the goal posts? And do so without informing us? Beside the fact she is making this claim fraudulently (the ‘child’ doesn’t live with her), this whole situation is disgusting.

We have informed the CSA on several occasions that the ‘child’ doesn’t live with his mother, and that he is no longer attending college, but all they can say is that the burden of proof lies with us! There is no way on this earth we would be able to provide proof of this, therefore we are stuck. HELP!


  • Lisa says:

    yes seems they do, unfortunatly once your in the CSA grip they can keep you paying till your child is 20, Make a complaint if your not happy about the service your getting and the lies you have been told,

  • Sally says:

    You should contact your MP… ours was quite good with false arrears (he didn’t get them removed but he got them reduced significantly)…. Lisa is spot on about the CSA…

    @ Carolyn – I honestly believe that the CSA set that ‘rule’ intentionally i.e. the NRP has to prove that the child is not in non-advanced education, PWC is fraudulently claiming CM and/or where the child lives as it is near impossible to find the answers when the NRP’s don’t have a relationship with their children (usually caused by the PWC who estranges the child to get more money!)…

    @ Simon – as above, you should contact your local MP as he/she may be able to help…. if not, seek legal advice (your local citizens advice bureau will have solicitors you can make an appointment to see for free) as there is something the CSA/your local MP can do!!!

    The idiots who work for the CSA make the rules up as they go along in hope that you will just do as they tell you…. they are not interested in anything other than the money they generate as it means they get a bonus each year for reaching their targets…. absolutely disgusting!!!

    It’s ALWAYS a no win situation for the decent NRP’s…. and ALWAYS a win-win for the the GREEDY PWCs and CSA…… 🙁

  • Macon says:

    I got my MP involved the CSA totally changed after that I didn’t get all my own way but at least you get a case worker who knows the rules and I managed to work things out within the csa rule book for the moment my son is 19 so I am waiting on ,the rule change to pay until 20 or fictitious arrears some time in the future my life will never be my own again always waiting on that dreaded brown envelope !

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