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Are they allowed to just take money like this?

I split up with my ex when my daughter was 4 and always used to give her money and buy my daughter anything she needed then a few years ago i had a letter off the csa saying i owed them thousands since the date my ex put in her claim and because i have no proof that i was giving her money they said i have to pay this and the fact that it has been more than 3 years i can not even appeal it.

They set up an deduction from earnings order and at first tried to take £140 a week off me to help clear the arrears as well i spoke to them and told them of my situation with my partner and my other child this was to much and i cn not afford this. they then put the payments down to £60 a week which is managable (only just) but then just before christmas 2013 i got signed off work with a bad knee and had to see a number of speacialists and had to have an mri scan on it now i have been back at work for two week after 7 weeks on ssp (which is no where near enough to live off) to have my first proper wage deducted by £140 again because they said i still have to poay for the weeks i was off and they catching up on the arrears… now ssp is only about £86 a week and they still wanting me to pay the £60 for each of them weeks so technically i a was only allowed £26 a week to live off which is morally wrong!!

Me and my family really struggled when i was off sick and when thought was going to able start get ourselves back on our feet these robbing t******s are allowed to do this…… can they do this??? is this right?? and to top it all i have not seen my daughter now for 3 yrs as her mother has not let me but me and my partner have treid everything and now have to find an extra £215 for an application for a court order to try and see her as we both miss her so much please please help any advice i would be truely greatful as i am at a loose end and dont know what to do… thanks

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  1. Ur maintenance calculation should be reassessed for the time u were off sick. Threaten them with ur MP and they will sort it out

  2. After 20 years of fighting CSA including proving poor administration through ICE
    CSA deliberately overcharged me by taking £2500 from my wages and they admitted they overcharged me but said they would not refund.
    When I said I would take it up with my MP they just laughed and said he won’t do anything.
    They were right my MP George Freeman said he could not do anything to get me the refund.
    So the CSA have a license to take money from your wages whether you owe it or not or just to punish you for fighting back whilst your MP GEORGE FREEMAN refuses to do anything about it.
    How many times does a mistake of an overcharge constitute theft and isn’t the refusal to refund when you admit over charge theft ?

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