Are my partner’s earnings taken into consideration?

February 12, 2014

I left my husband after many many years . i had to leave my daughter behind with him after threats which i wont go into . i left with only my clothes , he has everything . he now wants maintenance from me and as my partner has a very good job he wants his money .

My ex doesnt work and he has a woman living with him which i’m sure he hasn’t told the bebefits agency !i just want to know if my partners earnings are taken into consideration .will he have to pay ? she is my child not his and he already pays way over the odds for his daughter . thank you .


  • Corryn says:

    It would just be yours, however if you claim tax credits and you are the highest earner in your household then they would include this in their calculation as your earnings regardless of who its actually paid to (ie it could go into your new partners bank account)

  • jane thomas says:

    ny partners is on the old scheme, he,s working, i phoned the other day cos i,m getting a job, they told me, my money havent even got to be declared, its his children not mine, so the money is taken from the paying dad only, phone this number they give good advice 08009880988, tell them your phoning for advice they dont even ask for reference

  • Elaine says:

    If I married my partner would his earnings be taken into account ? I am responsible for my daughter not him and my ex just wants my new partner to pay coz I left him even though it was nearly a year after we split that I started a relationship with my partner …. Thanks everyone for all the help x

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