Are CSA forcing us to pay more than deemed necessary by the government?

February 29, 2016

Just a thought if child benefit is £20.70 4 1st child and £13.70 4 additional children add to that child tax credit basic rate £545 p.a = £10.50 p.w , that equates to £31.20 4 1st child and £24.20 4 extra children , if c.s.a are forcing you to pay more than that against your will it comes under unlawful extortion ? or what government says a child needs to live on is not enough ?


  • Sean Taylor says:

    My ex told the Csa idiots she dropped the claim no longer wants to claim as she is financially way better off than me yet they are still deducating from my wage the ringing my ex to see if she wants it so they’re holding the money to gain interest then they get the interest before they send it back to me that’s if she decides to keep or says no she doesn’t want it either while its in the Csa bank it’s earning interest either way the Csa get the interest

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