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Anyone got any advice on dealing with the CSA

Does the CSA live on another planet or what? I work part time as a lecturer we recently got regraded (down) which mean’t I took a 33% reduction in pay. Bearing in mind I may only work 10-15 hours/week and usually spend that much time again preparing unpaid lesson plans. With a take home of £500/month the CSA want to take almost £600/month. They will graciously allow me to retain the 1st £336/month of my salary (that’s great coz my rent is £340/month). I thought they could only take up to 40% of my take home even though I have only 1 child but some arrears.

On the arrears I was out of the country for over 2 years then doing a degree for another 2 years but they insist I owe money from this period in time. They were aware I was out of the UK but insist on evidence to prove this. They did produce a copy of a business card of mine from Spain but refuse to discuss this.

God the CSA really should try making everyone pay not just load those who can’t get away from them.

Anybody got any ideas apart from becoming a “doley?”

4 thoughts on “Anyone got any advice on dealing with the CSA

  1. Go to your M.P. and give them grief about the CSA! Your M.P. has a duty to act on your behalf!

  2. Tried that way by going to the local MP….they wont do much just tell you to go through through the ICE who also wont help you they are part of the CSA. they will pull the wool over your eyes

  3. I know Steve I went through the lot of these corrupt thieves to the Ombudsman. They all closed ranks and ‘shafted’ me! Corruption and Collusion all the way!

    Quite simple! Don’t vote for your M.P. Don’t vote for your Councillor. Get a postal vote and enclose a letter about dealings with the CSA and telling them why you are not voting!

  4. Oh well it seems I have 2 choices (pay more than I earn doesn’t even warrant a thought) become a doley or work outside the UK again, so the CSA thieves can’t touch me…..Oh this year I’m off to sunny Spain viva Espana, Australia, Oman, Yemen any bloody where but my home country (UK) does that suck or what???

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