Answers required to 6 simple questions

March 21, 2013

This all started 6 years ago the Csa became involved in my case ,they did an assessment on me And right from the start got it wrong I have two kid and I had 2 kids staying with me easy calculation 20. % of take home pay minus 20% off take home pay for two kids with me easy i worked it out for them . Received a phone call 2 weeks later sorry Mr Cxxxx I have made a mistake I hap put one kid and one kid on the letter but I make sure the figures are wright and you will pay the wright amount . I told them I was not happy as my ex would go mad saying I was under paying .

This assessment carried on until my eldest went to university and my case closed down , 6 months later a phone call sorry we shut your case up in error I am 540 in arrears and uped my payment to clear the arrears . This carried on until my son started working full time on the 24/09/11 I phone the Csa told they and phoned them on a weekly basses to get a update , after 2 months my ex was still in recite of child benefit , I phoned the Csa and told them to get there finger out and as of 28/12/11 would be my last payment .

I received a phone call on the 23/12/11 telling me child benefit has stopped happy days I thought oh so wrong I was.

I received a phone call from them a few months later child benefit stopped for 1 month and a new clams went in .it transpired my ex was committing benefit fraud and wait for this has to pay it back but as my son worked for 3 months and after 2 months she canceled child benefit only for 1 month my case was not closed down I am getting punished for my ex committing benefit fraud ,

I have not payed for over a year and no one from the agency knows wether my case in opened or closed I have made many complains and have my mp involved ,I have names extension number of the staff I spoke to my case is withe the senior complaints department and ear is the complaints letter i have sent them and my mp.

1. Main problem started on 24/10/2011my son started work I phoned and told the csa office on a
At least a weekly bases to get a update I have names and extension numbers of workers I
Spoke to asking for a child benefit check and some said it would take weeks and it did and
It took hours why the difference in service ?

2. Every time the check came back PWC was is recite of CB, this was a fraud I know this as I
Seen my sons wage slip working more than 24 hours on £8 a hour. After 2 months of banging
My head against the wall I recived a pone call on 23/12/2011 spoke to the PWC and yes my
Son was working there was a issue about the start date but great ? I know I was in the right
And canceled my standing order ?

3. Next a phone call 05/03/2012 Michel Harrison she promise me she would sort it out told me
CB stoped for 2 months I was not happy at leas 3 months it was but was assured it would
Be sorted she told me call her any time never heard from her again she gave me hope
False hope !!!!!

4. Heard nothing until a letter in June , why have I not payed from December I phone same old
Story I am not your case worker I get them to phone you !

5. 23/10/2012 received a phone call asking why no maintenance payments a threats of action
I sent a email of complaint and after weeks of phone calls to a very helpful complaints
Officer I have his name and ex number a problem was found the case was closed on
22/09/2009 and reopen on 14/01/10 but never reopened correctly and there for have over
Payed for years all i wanted was my case closed down.

6. 12/11/12 I requested my data protection files , 16/11/12 told my case was closed as it never
Opened correctly and some one would be in touch !!!
Data protection files came in January what a joke the most important things missing I know
This as I keep all my letters from CSA log all my calls calls I know I made and have proof
And recorded letters I have sent not there and letter you have sent me not there WHY ?

7. All through the months of Jan and Fed 2013 phoned on a weekly bases , I was fed lies
Told 5 times by 5 different people 3 off them were sending the letter personally that night
Still no letter been told i was due £ 4182.24 by 3 workers , where is my refund longer than
12 weeks ! If this was me I would have action against me .

8. 6/02/13 I sent another email complaint got a phone call she was very aggressive to me and
Tried to put me in my place !! She told me a new claim for CM was recived on the 23/01/12
I sakes the question if there was no break in Child Benefit why was a new claim from the
PWC put in on the 23/01/12 ???????????

I need 6 simple questions answered

1. Can I have a case worker I can phone and Speak to that knows my case.

2. I fined it bizzar you can raid my bank account sell my home or fine me a grand for
Not telling you I have a new job or put me in jail but can’t phone a collage and ask if my
18 year old son is at collage or phone his work place and ask if he is working ?

3. Why has my data protection files been doctored .

4. When will my case get closed down.

5. Why so many mistakes ?

6. A big ask a written letter of apology ????????


  • stuart says:

    CSA data files tampered with??? The CSA routinely do this, Best advice for anyone is get these before you complain. The ICE will use this as evidence against you. So have then to hand before you approach them, Challenge anything missing or added you are unaware of. From the outset record all calls keep a diary and believe nothing, then you have half a chance.

    But be warned the corruption goes right to government level but hard evidence will prevail, The CSA rely on the one sided appeal process of ICE and Ombudsman. Do not let them lull you into a false sense of security as they are all in it together, trust no-one and challenge everything.

    Good luck its not fun but they can be beaten.

  • John says:

    Totally agree with Stuart. My case is testament for everything he has said.

    I thought I was getting somewhere, when my case went through ICE, M.P. and onto Ombudsman, but in the end they all closed ranks, washed their hands of my complaints, and I have been shafted ever since.

    However, you should put all your circumstances and complaints in a letter an inform your M.P. and the DWP regarding the maladministration that you are having to put up with.

    The reason I say this, is that I believe at some stage in the future, there will be a successful legal challenge regarding CSA practices, and it WILL end up in the High Courts with the Judiciary questioning the ‘bullyboy’ tactics of the CSA.

    If all it’s victims does this and keeps records, then as with other miscarriages of justice, there may be a time where ‘restorative justice’ takes place, and all CSA victims will be able to hold this bunch of ‘bullys’ to account, be compensated and with any luck get a few executives and staff thrown behind bars!

    Good luck!

  • stuart says:

    Just to update all the CSA have today admitted not forwarding all evidence to ICE, So make sure you challenge the dodgy goings on, Only came to light when I produced a letter they did not know i had, changed the perception quite a bit. As they had claimed a lot of stuff which i knew to be lies and now have finally dug out the proof, CSA and ICE now backtracking I hope.

  • stuart says:

    Just to update all the CSA have today admitted not forwarding all evidence to ICE, So make sure you challenge the dodgy goings on, Only came to light when I produced a letter they did not know i had, changed the perception quite a bit. As they had claimed a lot of stuff which i knew to be lies and now have finally dug out the proof, CSA and ICE now backtracking I hope.

    8 months CSA and ICE have ignored the fact and acted on it and only because i would not go away have they had to concede that yes they have cocked up and will need more time to look at it, dodgy dodgy bastards one and all. Wonder if they will pay my rent for that 8 months i have struggled for.

  • lisa says:

    Fab news stuart, its the first mistake of many, now you have them by the balls, kick them right where it hurts, good luck, I hope you reported the said fraud, the woman should be ashamed, the csa should be done for backing up her fraudulent claim,

  • stuart says:

    Not the first mistake of many just another one. If I had not queried my file and questioned my own memory against what they said then would have been swept under the carpet

    Now at least the ICE are aware that the CSA will do whatever it takes to cheat and decieve. This is serious criminal shit going on here, I am no longer willing to keep paying for their mistakes.

  • stuart says:

    According to the CSA they do not view this as fraud, however I am 3k down.


  • lisa says:

    @ Stuart, we have a fab group on facebook just for this reason, the guys are fab and between us we are slowly showing the CSA for what they are join us if you fancy, see if we cant get things moving quicker for you

  • Macon says:

    To Alice

    Are Csa workers not civil servants and duty bound to report benefit fraud my ex is committing child benefit fraud and all I get from at least 20 different Csa workers is report it to the fraud hotline passing I’ve buck I say and shafting the NRP !!!!!

  • lisa says:

    @Macon, Yes they have a moral obligation to report something like this, though the wont because its still money coming through the agency, The CSA are paid by us the tax payer, maybe they should remember that we actually pay there wages

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