Another update on my son

February 6, 2014

Hi all just an update for you on the case of my son Peter and the CSA, they are still writing letters to us and claim he must pay the arrears their letters are full of spelling mistakes which I have pointed out to them, We have an appointment with our MP next month, so hope things will move then. I would like to thank the person who has posted the Internal investigations address on the site needles to say a letter will be sent to them today, I have also sent a rather strong letter to the CEO of the CSA and Iain D Smith, but am waiting for a reply. Will keep you posted



  • Woody says:

    Keep fighting lynda, come join csa ripoffs on facebook, advice will be given,

  • John says:

    Hi Lynda, I have a long a protracted track record regarding the incompetent amateurs at the CSA.

    I too involved my M.P. He referred my case to the PHSO ( Parliamentary Ombudsman) on the basis of prolonged and continued maladministration. May I suggest that you ask your M.P. to refer your sons case on the same basis. However, a word of warning, my M.P. back tracked with this support, as the PHSO ‘whitewashed’ my complaint, to suit themselves.

    It may be worth mentioning the considerable numbers of people having issues with the debacle known as the CSA, which may assist you and other victims.

    It is my strong belief, that what happens between parents regarding their children, should have nothing to do, with politicians, civil servants or their like. Important matters involving children should either be resolved by parents, or if needs be, in the courts with professional, qualified people!

    Good luck!

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