Another mistake by the CSA knocked me sick

July 13, 2016

This morning a letter arrived in my letter box from a solicitor acting for the C.S.A. It was addressed to the occupier (That’s me) It said that the C.S.A. were going to take possession of the property and it would be sold with vacant possession. This was because according to them, my son owes maintenance for the one child remaining with his ex. The others have either left or more or less been thrown out by her. One by one they moved in either with their father or with me. I don’t think it occurred to us to ask for maintenance.

By the way – I’m well over 70 and suffer with a heart condition. The thought of being thrown out of my home was frightening. I felt sick and faint for quite a while. Now that I’ve been told it was some sort of mistake, I just feel angry. The C.S.A. make so many mistakes. Miscalculation of assets etc. Not just a bit out but way over.  It’s too complicated to explain here. Having read other peoples experiences it seems there are many similarities. Yes it does seem that all they are interested in is getting as much money as possible out of those who are already paying. I can only think that this is because it’s easier to do that than chase after the ones who have disappeared from the system and have no intention of paying anything. Really wish something could be done about it. Like so many of you, my son has tried everything but to no avail.


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  1. John on July 19th, 2016 5:11 pm

    Make an appointment with your local M.P. and inform them of what has happened to you is unacceptable, apology or not.

    Basically, it is harassment, as they have caused you to be alarmed and distressed, an apology under these circumstances is not good enough.

    Good luck

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