Another CSA Nightmare!

March 12, 2020

I have 3 children. 1 whom I have a family based arrangement and 2 that are calculated through the csa due to a phone call during an argument with the ex.

My 2 children on csa radar are 9 and 6 and as far as me and ex were concerned she made a mistake ringing them and we continued with our direct pay agreement of £100 per child per month aswell as a third family based arrangement. Last year although they recieved my pay slips from HMRC’s they miscalculated what I should be paying and sent letter although at this time I had been homeless and letters sent to previous address.

Everything was fine between calculation in may 19 and Dec 19 until an argument caused my ex to make claims to the csa I was apparently earning more than I was. Since then it has been a nightmare. I have sent numerous evidence of court orders bank statements and evidence of my family agreement. Since November the figures I owed and should pay changed weekly until recently i received a letter to say they had done a mandatory reconsideration and not only back dated 1 month from the report from my ex but right back to May 2019. They however have not accepted my evidence can be backdated to May but only the date of the phone call. This has added £1100 of arrears claiming I should have been paying double what I was paying.