Another case of pass the buck

January 31, 2014

This is an update from my recent comments. My son received a letter from the independent case examiner who informs him that they cannot touch the case for 6 months as it has to be considered by the CSA what a joke, it seems that my son has not yet received a final response from the CSA so ICE have sent his letter back to the CSA another case of pass the buck what a shambles the CSA is, never mind I still have a few more bows to my string.

Ill keep you posted, as for the gentleman who has been to court and got nowhere keep on hounding them and make a fool of them write to all and every big wig you can think of let everybody know that you do not going to stop until you get justice good luck


One Response to “Another case of pass the buck”

  1. csahater on February 7th, 2014 8:52 pm

    Good luck Lynda. I took up my case with my local mps office and had the same reply from the ICE. CSA just skirt around the questions I ask and I have got nowhere in 2 years. Losing any hope of ever getting an answer as they are a law to themselves and do not care. I’ve decided to get out of the country for 6 months to try and get my sanity back.
    Hope you manage to get somewhere with your case.

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