An evil woman is fraudulently taking money from my husband

June 12, 2013

My husband has been a victim of the CSA he has had £600 of his £698 pay check taken this month and he does not even know for which children this is, as mine are his only children in this country. We suspect it may be an evil woman who put my husbands name on her children’s birth certificates without his knowledge until her children were taken into care.

She now has her children back and appears to be fraudulently claiming child support through DEO. How is it possible that the CSA can take money from someone with out being sure that he is the father of the children? Surely this is illegal? My husband is willing to take a DNA test to prove that these children are not his. The CSA is taking money from him that should be for his actual children not the poor children of this despicable woman.

Any advice you can give on how to proceed and also how to reclaim the money already taken would be much appreciated.


  • Lisa says:

    First things first, demand the dna test, if your hasbands name has been put on a.birth cert without his knowledge or permission thats fraud, you have to be married to the father to put his name.on without him being there, secondly why have the csa breached his protected earnings, they have left him.less than the 60% threshold, do this asap or be prepared bled dry, make a.complaint regarding this and get your MP involved, good luck

  • Anonymous says:
  • stuart says:

    if 600 was taken on a wage of 698 then this can not be true surely? 40% is the maximum they can take, he needs to see his employer. have you not asked the csa the questions you ask here? it does not add up but if is true then there is a huge error and you need to call them asap.

  • Sue says:

    It good to see the csa are doing the job they are being paid to do. If thy are just leaving him with £98 that’s because he is on CSA 1 and has a IMA and a low protected income. So that means for he last 10 years least he has avoided the csa even the hardcore Deadbeats on here would agree he should have paid something.
    Can I ask all Pwc to send the csa a letter of support they see a success storey like his

  • jo says:

    At sue….read the post properly, he might not be the father and leaving other children in poverty. Why should children be treated differently financially just because one was born before the other?

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