Am I paying too much or not enough?

August 17, 2013

i was with my ex-partner for 11 years and have a son age 9.when i found out she was cheating on me,so we seprated and i now pay mainatence every month, am i paying to much or not enough??

icurrentaly get £500 a week, and pay her £54 a week (£250 a month) also pay for a club he goes to which is an etxra £20 a month… i have been signed off of work for 6 weeks so what happens to me paying her in full????


  • Mary says:

    You shud pay as normal its not the childs fault yr signed off but your own.
    It takes 2 to make a child so 2 shud pay 50/50 and to me on that wage no its not enough

  • Ross says:

    Mary it works out as £60 per week hes paying with the club his child attends. Are you real or what? Is he not supposed to have any money to live on himself!

  • Sally says:

    @ Mary.. If he is getting sick pay instead of normal pay its impossible to keep up his payments… Also, I am sure he didn’t choose to be ill!!!! You sound like a hard hearted individual …

    @ Ian, you need to let CSA know if you are on reduced salary…

  • jo says:

    @ mary, if that’s the case then nrps should have a share with tax credits and child benefit that the pwc receive plus maintenance on top….yeah equal share works both ways

  • gonk says:

    @the another idiot Mary
    since when does the pwc pay 50% when shes the one who gets all the benefits you idiot. you hard stone faced so and so, you think its not enough that he pays out £270 a month for child on top of his bills,rent food,utility bills car/train cost to work, etc etc.None of this is taken into account when the scum csa assess a nrp, Don’t leave him with much does it Mary, oh and what about another life after the cheating ex ? hes not entitled to one in the eyes of the csa and the likes it seems of you.
    Ian..its 15% of your take home salary for 1 child, seems about right, im screwed by these dogs for a similar monthly take home of nearly £300 and my ex is on all the benefits under the sun and don’t work. seems fair tho MARY don’t you think ? what was that you said ? 50/50 pmsl. Ian I know you mean well but DONT pay anymore than you should. you pay out enough,you don’t have to pay her anymore,let her pay the £20 for your sons club,let her contribute something,sounds harsh but hey, the csa screw us for enough and most of the time it just lines the ex’s and new partners pockets

  • Bella says:

    @ Mary – “It takes 2 to make a child so 2 shud pay 50/50 and to me on that wage no its not enough”

    So I assume if he wanted the children with him 50% of the time that would be fine? And his ex will give him 50% of her child benefit/tax credits etc?

    Assuming under your 50/50 rules 50% access is acceptable therefore both parents have all the same bills to pay to put a roof over the child’s head etc so really they should call it even shouldn’t they and just split the cost of school dinners and uniforms?

    Oh I forgot, under CSA daylight robbery rules the NRP pays for their own time with the child (say 50%) then they pay the PWC for their time with the child (the other 50%). What an excellent and well thought through system!

    Well done on your logic.

  • gonk says:

    another response to your dumbass comment Mary..How the fuck can you say its his fault hes signed off sick and should still pay normal??? what kind of idiot planet did you visit us from…fucking moron

  • gonk says:

    I soooo want this Mary to reply to her logical way of thinking with her comment and back it up/defend it after some of the replies. Come on Mary what have you to say..??? have a chat with Karen Bedford on her site,she will see your logic and is about the only person that will…lol…. no that’s not right…of cause…all the parents with care will see nothing wrong with your pathetic comment.

  • brett says:

    Mary, can’t wait for your reply to above comments,

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