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Am I entitled to money from my ex for our four children?

I have four children to my ex husband. They are now 10 yrs, 12yrs, 18yrs and 19 yrs old. We have been seperated since febuary 2007. I agreed that he could pay me maintanance every month for all four at 400 one month and 300 the next month am not sure when this started to be paid.

The children would all stay with him on avarage 2 nights a week. This continued untill early 2009 when the eldest two children stopped staying over at his house and it has been like that since.

The two youngest children still stay over on avarage two nights a week unless they go on a holiday which is usually once a year for a week or two. About a year ago the maintance was changed to 325 a month. Then last month it stopped all together and my ex husband has stated he no longer needs to pay me anything as my eldest children are no longer in college and he shares the two youngest care.

My eldest daughter is going to university in Nottingham and my 18 yrs old is going back to do a third year at college. I pay for all the childrens clothes and all school fees and outside activities and always have done since they were born.

I pay for all school trips and holidays. Please could you let me know if I’m still entitled to any payments from him.

Theresa Hadfield

2 thoughts on “Am I entitled to money from my ex for our four children?

  1. You will get maintenance for the 2 younger ones. Check out the CSA calculator site. They do take into account nights your ex has them.

    Your eldest going to Uni as that is classed as advanced education you would not be entitled to child benefit as the child is no longer a qualifying child but I am unsure if the CSA would say a payment has to be made.

    18 year old going to college – is it advanced education? If not your ex will have to pay maintenance.

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