Always record your interviews with CSA

May 11, 2013

I recently had an ILLEGAL INTERVIEW with Mrs Ann Williams of Erdington JCP on 23 March 2013. She wrote her letter on 11 March 2013, sent it so I receive it FORTY EIGHT HOURS before the 23rd and expected me not to seek legal advice. The CSA will interview you in your own home and I was going to record the conversation using a dictpahone. I am suggesting to anyone now that if you are being interviewed by the DWP ;or the CSA take a recording device and make it known you refuse to speak unless you can record ;or seek legal advice with a solicitor present. I told the CSA that my Daughter now has a baby and this should change the Mother’s child Benefit entitlement, apparently this is not the case. I am therefore still paying CSA for members of my family and my Daughter’s family to smash my windows, make threats to kill me, harass me. My benefit entitlement was stopped THREE times which the Independant Case Examiners knew of and did nothing to assist in this matter and I notice that the CSA held an interview without due and fair notice and written a report noting that they gave me only page 3 out of 3. Pages 1 and 2 are not presented.

It appears that my Daughter’s Mother can lie to the CSA and get away with murder and my Daughter can tell everyone I ignored her and resulting in my windows being smashed. I am paying CSA for an ENTRAPMENT CASE CHILD. A Child that was born out of Entrapment because her Mother lied to me about being on the pill, claimed she would not apply to the CSA if she got pregnant and the Mother and Step-Father took the kid out of Bredon, Gloucestershire into Kemerton, Worcestershire. So even if I had done a DNA and paid CSA I would never know where top find this kid if I wanted to. I am not interested in speaking to them as they and members of my family was too busy smashing my windows, making threats to kill me and harass me all for the sake of me saying “Hi” to my Daughter in KFC -Cheltenham. To add to this insult, my windows was smashed in on 20 December 2011, only days AFTER my Sister passed awayon 14 December 2011. What a bunch of Bxxtards to depress someone who only just lost his Sister. Their Auntie, Sister and my Sister. Welcome to reading about how the CSA know of this and expect me to pay CRIMINALS !


  • Lisa says:

    Wimen who trap men into having kids should be steralised and forced to bring up the kids themselves, its selfish and nasty, im on the pill is the biggest lie going, women such as my hubbys ex is a.dirty tramp who has multiple kids to different men all of them entrapment kids, they have no shame, never believe a word the csa say either, they have no idea about life, robots all of them trained by ian duncan smiths idiot army, collecting millions of made up arrears, join our facebook group child support agency rip offs for help, were fighting back now,

  • Anthony Tovey says:

    Ftao :Carol Ward – Complaints Closure Officer
    Ryan Fox – Complaints Officer
    Raisha Suleman – Complaints Officer
    Clare Salter – Complaint Senior Review Manager
    John Southwick – Complaint Review Manager
    Garry Robinson – General Manager
    Elizabeth Grimshaw – Complaint Administrator
    Ann Matthews – Client Interviewing Officer
    Zara Coen – Complaint Administrator
    Susan Yates – Centre Manager
    James Smith – Complaints Officer
    Norma Ellis – Deputy Complaints Senior Review Manager

    I raise a overall complaint in the way my CSA case has been handled and noting that it has not been handled correctly. Such an example would be that from Ann Matthews who “self-booked” an appointment with me claiming I had requested a “home visit” which I did not request and noting it took from 11 / 03 / 2013 until 20 / 03 / 2013 to send one letter FIRST CLASS POST. The letter she had WRITTEN on 11 / 03 / 2013 was not sent until exactly FORTY EIGHT HOURS where I would receive it on the 20 / 03 / 2013 before her arrival at my home on the 22 / 03 / 2013. This “home visit” was not requested and nor was it necessary for Ann Williams to write a report about me as I am paying the CSA. I noticed that she was reluctant to give me pages 1 and 2 of a 3 page report. A report to which I am legally entitled to receive all documentation. The report was written on 26 / 03 / 2013. I am still waiting for the “Decision makers” decision.

    The CSA ought to have considered this in the report that was written about me and noting how would either of you feel if a letter arrived less than FORTY EIGHT HOURS of an interview that should not have taken place and pay CSA to CRIMNINALS ! I have every right to be angry, I have every legal right to record any conversation in my home and without signing any disclaimer in ;or out of JCP offices and the UK Government has no right to tell me how to BEHAVE when THEIR EMPLOYEES violate my human rights and do not give me the right to my opinion, thought or other matters regarding the Human Rights Act 1998.
    I trust the Decision maker sees that whilst I am paying CSA, have done a DNA my life is under constant danger whilst living in my present home. The “Restraining order” imposed on my Nephew expires in February 2014. It will not take him long to smash another window and this time possibly KILL ME ! I trust you all slept well last night as I have not gone to sleep due to wondering who was going to throw another rock thorugh my window and that the cardboard is still in place in my front room window EVERY SINGLE NIGHT from 20 December 2011 to prevent glass hitting the back of my head ;or any item thrown through the window. My Sister died on 14 December 2011, sametime when I received such death threats.It seems I am paying CRIMINALS to make my life hell and the CSA are the “prison wardens” who allow it to happen.

    I look forward to having windows smashed behind my HEAD as Ann Williams had seen the cardboard behind my two seater settee which is in my BAY WINDOW STILL. Then noting she wrote I was “agitated and angry” did she stop to consider I do not sleep well and noting the time of this email sent to you ALL.

  • Sally says:

    Talk about jobs for the boys…. What’s that old joke… How many idiots does it take to Change a light bulb… 1000’s if they work for the CSA….

  • Stephanie O'Neill says:

    Dear whoever is reading this pleas be aware that the man who has written this Mr Anthony Tovey told his daughter on TV (Jeremy Kyle) that he wanted to be a dad and he wanted to know her and then everytime she got close he pushed her away. Anthony Tovey bought his daughter a load of gifts and then smashed them all up and left them outside his nephews doorstep to be seen. Anthony made his own daughter believe he was suicidal he also told her to fuck off the first time she found out he was her dad. His daughter had to have councillors and alsorts as her head was all over the place as one minute he wanted to know her and the next he didn’t. Couldn’t of been easy for either of them but Anthony took everything out on her. Even when it wasn’t her fault like the smashed window.

    There I more then one side to a story and as for the CSA that’s a system that will never be fixed.

  • Anthony Tovey says:

    Since doing the DNA on the Jeremy Kyle show in 2010, my Nephew Ronnie Brimfield has literally destroyed my life along with the O’Neill family particularly Wendy O’Neill who LIED to me from the beginning because she had an affair behind her partners back before they were married eventually. Hence why Stephanie O’Neill is born because of Wendy’s LIES to me. I’ve lost literary everything because of Wendy’s LIES along with Ronnie Brimfield who has four children of his own, he hasn’t paid the CSA, he hasn’t done a DNA test and he’s telling everyone on Facebook that he’ll kill me. He’s invited other people who has seen his videos to kill me, and accused me of sending him letters that I don’t know anything about. I was living in Fleetwood where I had suffered from a heart attack because of too much stress, and I’ve been unfairly treated by everyone because I refuse to talk to anyone who calls themselves ” family” Not only have I been made homeless twice, I have suffered substantial amounts of potential earnings where I have been out of work since doing this bloody nightmare DNA. I am not interested in talking to anyone who’s stolen from my home, caused unnecessary stress, killing my remaining cat which had to be put to sleep because of the window being smashed above it’s head, I’ve lost literary everything because of a DNA test for an Entrapment Case Kid who’s lying Mother had an affair behind her partners back, I’ve lost over £104,000 in potential earnings where I have not been able to gain employment anywhere within the UK, I was maliciously reported to the DWP for doing UNPAID voluntary work teaching disabled people to swim where I have been continually doing this service from 18 – 47. I’ve been maliciously accused of sending Ronnie letters from Bristol when I was living in Fleetwood, I’ve had to move many time’s and losing my home where I have been continually m moving around so that I would be renting privately, when my Nephew Ronnie Brimfield remains in his home after committing many years of anti social behaviour. I’ve been trying to find storage space anywhere as I’m now living in cramped conditions due to relocating all the time. As far as I’m concerned Stephanie Lorna O’Neill and her family don’t exist along with the other people who has supported the threats to kill me from Ronnie Brimfield which includes other people who has jumped on the Hunt and Hate campaign trail. I’ve lost literally everything because of Ronnie wanting his five minutes of fame on the Jeremy Kyle show who claims that he was FORCED to go on the show so that HE could ” Publicly Humiliate me” on national television. HE’S got four children of his own, HE hasn’t done a DNA, he hasn’t paid the CSA, he’s threatened me with knives telling ME to ” be the fucking man Tony and do a DNA” between them, they’ve stolen from my home, driven me out of my home, cost me over £104,000 in potential earnings where I have paid for my own training courses, I’ve been continually looking for work and getting stressed out, and accused of sending Ronnie letters from Bristol which I didn’t know anything about. I have lost literary everything because of a DNA test for an Entrapment Case Kid who’s lying Mother has destroyed my life along with my home. I have slept rough under a disused railway bridge for three month’s because of Ronnie wanting his five minutes of fame on the Jeremy Kyle show. I have no respect for anyone who makes another person homeless twice, unemployable, losing everything that they once owned, killing cat’s, stealing from a relative, causing SEVERE financial hardship and causing a heart attack in Cleveleys which Stephanie O’Neill knew about in 2016. I was intending of building up a Father / Daughter relationship between us, but if her other Father Don O’Neill never told me ” You hurt my daughter ( referring to Stephanie ) who is my biological daughter ) I will hurt you, my Son’s will hurt you and my friends will hurt you” WHY SHOULD I BOTHER WITH MORE THREATS TO MY LIFE where I have been threatened by Ronnie Brimfield, Belinda Mill’s ( now Dyer ) and be stolen from too. What a family they are. I’ve done a DNA, I’ve paid the CSA, I’ve lost literary everything because of IT and I won’t be attending any of their funerals should anything happen. Losing my home, personal belongings, losing my remaining cat, my only sister, my career ambitions, my reputation, nearly my life along with everything else, is not worth my time, money or effort in talking to anyone who’s destroyed my life. What a disappointment for me to lose everything because of Ronnie Brimfield, Wendy O’Neill, Don O’Neill, Stephanie O’Neill, Belinda Mill’s, and many other people who has supported their violence towards me. Personally, I’ve got no time for any of them regardless of what others say because I’ve suffered because of the Mother’s LIES. Don O’Neill and I was not aware that Stephanie Lorna O’Neill was either man’s daughter until the DNA on the Jeremy Kyle show. As a point of interest to everyone, Wendy O’Neill had put a passport sized image of a young baby through a letter box, without any name of the child, no address of the child, no contact telephone number, NOTHING except for ” 1994″ on the back of the image. This picture could have been for anyone else in the property, it wasn’t until 1995 when I received a letter from the CSA about the existence of IT and I am fuming that Don and Wendy had asked Ronnie about my personal business affairs where it’s got FUCK ALL to do with him to tell them my fucking business. Stephanie O’Neill is born out of ENTRAPMENT. Her fucking LYING MOTHER had an AFFAIR BEHIND DON O’NEILL’s back. I’ve lost fucking everything because of her LIES. Ronnie lives at 19 Edward Wilson House, Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham. Wendy O’Neill lives at 3 Mistletoe Mews, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, and I’ve lost how many time’s I’ve had to move on from my home’s because of their hate campaign trail. Ronnie hasn’t paid for his kid’s when he SHOULD ! HE’S A DRUGGIE !

  • Isaac Hunt says:

    Anthony. I have no idea what that implausible rambling has to do with your CSA complaint. Quite simply, you shagged her, you got her pregnant, you pay up. Regardless of your feelings towards any of the other names you have mentioned in your rant, they have nothing to do with the fact you are indeed, a total nut job.
    Please, for the sake of humanity, go to your nearest mental health clinic and have yourself sectioned, you deserve the holiday.
    In future, IF someone offers you sex, stick it in their arse or decline. Don’t have kids you’re not willing to actually support (made obvious the fact you’re trying to get out of paying child support) Peace out and happy wanking!


  • Anthony Tovey says:

    Dear Isaac, Since your not aware of the full facts of this matter, I would like you to notice that I have been made homeless more than three times, I have lost over £200.000 of potential earnings, I was maliciously reported to the DWP for doing unpaid voluntary work, I have lost my home, career and nearly my life because of this victimisation against me by the DWP and others who was involved in this matter when it doesn’t concern them, I have also lost my cat, and literally suffered too much stress. I am not interested in talking to anyone in particular about this issue and as for the other people who have destroyed me, my home and career can drop dead and keep out of my business when I am trying to rebuild my life again. As for the other side of this, I have no reason to go to a mental health service as I am not the one who has taken drugs, smashed my windows, made threats to kill me with kitchen knives and forced to leave my home in 2015. I have absolutely no reason to bother with anyone. I have the right to a private life without anyone else interfering in it and it doesn’t take EIGHT TO FIFTEEN YEARS TO GET A JOB as advised by the dwp and the police. So much for doing a DNA for another person who’s mother lied to me and her husband was also having an affair behind her back too.

  • Isaac Hunt says:

    Dude, you’re nuts. You say you lost a career, working in an unpaid voluntary job?! If that was the case, why didn’t you inform the JC, as per the rules?!
    You’re blaming everyone else for your fuck ups in life. Youre not going to get a job by throwing a tantrum in the JobCentre and sticking it on YouTube (yes, I’ve seen the vids even under the new/false name) – it don’t take a genius to link you and the account.
    You DO need mental help, seriously, you do. You’re a risk to yourself and others.
    You’ve moved away from the area you had issues with, Ronnie Brimfield no longer lives in Edward Wilson House, though according to his YouTube he is just as bonkers as you.
    Sort yourself out, if you don’t trust emails then don’t use them. No one gives a fuck about Jeremy Kyle either.
    Peace out mofo

  • Karen says:

    As a former Cheltenham resident, I can tell you all that it’s common knowledge that this man is not only an unbalanced nutjob and a pathological liar (he used to tell people he’d been in the SAS. He told people that his fiancee and baby daughter died on the Herald of Free Enterprise when a fiancee and daughter never existed) – but he is also a RAPIST.

    I know a relative of one of his three victims, and know that at least one of his victims couldn’t get justice because there had previously been a relationship between them.

    This man needs locking up for his own safety, and the safety of women and children in general. Did I mention that he is also a known paedophile?

  • Anthony Tovey says:

    I find it very interesting that I have been deliberately accused of being a paedophile by Karen who I don’t know, she claims that I’m a rapist despite the fact that I have an ENHANCED DBS without any convictions for rape or paedophilia and if I had been convicted by the police and found guilty in the courts, then why haven’t I been through the probation service for “rehabilitation” of offenders and also I have NEVER had to sign on the Sex Offenders Register at all.

    Many people have jumped to the conclusion that I’m a rapist, paedophile despite the fact that I have been through the JUSTICE SYSTEM from the very beginning to the end result and I have always proved myself to be totally innocent.

    I find it even more interesting that there is another Anthony Tovey who lives in Worcester and had beaten his former wife and I have NEVER been married and he has the same name as myself. I therefore wonder if everyone has confused him with me but are happy to accused me of being a rapist and a paedophile when I can prove that I’m not a paedophile or rapist as my DBS is for the purposes of working with vulnerable people and I have an excellent reference to prove it.

    As for other people who believe that I am a rapist or paedophile, I invite you to bring it back to the courts attention in Gloucester Crown Court or shut the fuck up.

  • Anthony Tovey says:

    Are you the same Karen Smith who nearly ended up in prison for mistreating your son Jay many years ago and I had sent a letter to the courts in YOUR favour to prevent you from going to prison. You accuse me of being a paedophile yet you were happy enough to let me take you and your son to Staverton airport, Wainlodes and to Tewkesbury canal and there was never a time when I acted inappropriately to you or anyone else in your family including Charlotte.

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