Already paying too much to ex, then CSA wanted more again

October 17, 2012

I was 50 when I first got involved with a younger woman. I ended the relationship because of difficulties with her possesive controlling family. Later it started again and she got pregnant then moved into my home. When the child was born her family took control and mother & child were gone a week later for 4 months.

On her return the mother tried to take over my life, my business after one year I had enough told her to move back to her (freehold) house and I would support the child. Then I learned she had been stealing from my business, rearranging my affairs, stole share dividend cheques, diverted money.

I continued paying support (too much by scale) then she enlisted CSA to get even more. I was hounded & harrasted day & night by CSA and her family, my business was afftected and income dropped. As instructed by CSA I paid support less than my voluntary payments. The mother started telling lies to CSA and tax office I was hiding income.

Then I decided to close my business and prepared my house to sell and relocate. I still paid as reqd from my savings then I recieved inheritance. Rules state only taxable income can be accessed for support but under mothers urgings CSA went after my inheritance (overseas). I sold my house plus all I owned and went overseas.

A week later a departure ban was issued by CSA. I have never returned and never will because I never once got a fair hearing once the mother’s lies began.

I was considered guilty having to prove my innoncence, how does one prove something doesn’t (income) exist.


  • Smithy says:

    They are able to take 8% of any cash and investments over £65,000 per year. This does not include your principle residency.

    You are better of abroad but let them know you’ve gone otherwise the amounts will continue to rise.

  • Carol says:

    Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise with the CSA and in the process of trying to prove the CSA are wrong so many hurdles are placed in your way.

    As smithy says contact the CSA preferably in writing confirming you are no longer in the country. CSA do have reciprocal agreements with other countries but not sure how often they use that.

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