Almost two decades is too long to wait for CSA

June 7, 2015

I am writing with regard to my claim with the Child Support Agency. I have 19 year old twins and have raised them without any help from their father yet he is lying by telling the CSA he has had shared care.

He has never had the children overnight and in fact there was a court order in place allowing him only one night a week overnight stays.

I have had a claim in place with the CSA since they were 5 months old (approx) as I split with their father when I was 5 months pregnant. I have in all that time received only 6 monthly payments (approx) Yet in January this year was informed (yet again) that a new assessment had been made to collect the arrears due to me.

I was never on a means tested benefit while the children were growing up so all of the money due is due to myself. He was told to start paying £600 a month and the first payment to be made on 28th Feb 2015 for this arrears. I have even offered to half the monthly payment and spread the arrears over a longer time to make things easier for him.

I had a call from the CSA today (returning my call from last week, I call them monthly at least) to be told he is once again denying owing this money even though the CSA admit they have looked into this many times and he does owe this money. The CSA rep also said that they can’t find where he is working so can’t make an attachment of earning order. I find this hard to believe as I was informed on numerous occasions that they can in fact use the Inland Revenue (amongst other searches) to find this information.

I firmly believe that 19 years is far too long to have waited and have been so patient yet to no avail.

I have no alternative than to write to you for help.


  • Gonk says:

    Well said Gregory rhymes and you are soooo right about this vile blood sucking parasite the csa and a vast amount of ex’s that use it to bleed the nrp for all they can get without any thought for the kids.
    The kids are cash cows, the nrp is the ATM machine.
    @ Jackie brook. If this author of this post had been a man? Would you still have sympathy ? There’s a moral issue as far as my case is concerned and I bloody well stick by it. I was a good husband and father and provided for my family, my daughter and my ex’s daughter from a previous relationship. I raised her from the age of 18 months old and later my own daughter. My step daughter’s father never helped out a single penny but for his daughters sake, I allowed him into my house at every occasion inc Xmas,birthdays etc. I let him drink my wine and eat at our table, he never even used to bring a can of beer but hey!
    My ex then walks out and takes my 3 yr old with her announcing she has been cyberwhoring with some German and met up in Bath for a dirty wk end whilst I was baby sitting the kids. She wanted nothing from any more…her words, wanted him and wanted him to raise my daughter and play daddy to her. Wanted nothing from me ACCEPT my money lol….so she fucks off taking my daughter with her and expects me to pay for the privilege, all wrong as far as I’m concerned, my daughter lives with her and him…NOT me and therefore they should be taking care of her day to day needs, NOT me, their choice NOT mine, so get on with it. no it don’t work like that, oh and she hasn’t put a claim in for her other daughters father, the one whom I raised from 18 months old. She works full time and so does her partner and all I do is top up their monthly income instead of me putting it aside for my daughters future or spending it directly on her when I see her, can’t do that because I’m forced to hand over the cash to her and him to piss up the wall as they see fit.
    Not 1 penny of the 40+ grand I will have payed that woman by the time my daughter reaches her 20th, will have been put away for her future. That makes my blood boil and the hatred fester for that woman and the csa. The csa don’t give a fuck about the kids. Only targets and how many dads…….and some mums, they can nail.

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