All I want is to see my son

May 12, 2011

I split up with ex and for a year and half i was paying the mortgage although not living there which is fair enough until we got divorced.

I was in the Royal Marines and to of completed 22 years in 2009, i was paying £450 a month for my 2 children until i left the forces, i was then only on a pension and she was getting £50 a month until i found myself another job which in this day and age is easier said than done. Now bear in mind we were divorced in 2007 and she cost me £15,000 in solicitors fees got the house the car and even the garden furniture and dog plus i had to give her £15000 in cash. Plus when my son came to visit me every so often he went back and told his mum he wanted to live with me he was 11 then, from that day i have not been allowed contact, but now i have an opportunity to go into a job with a good wage she has contacted CSA even before i have started to inform them of this and wants more money but she will still not allow me contact!!!

He is 14 in 2 months time!! I have been on my arse but never gave up finding a new career knowing it will just be a bit of time, she on the other hand has the house all the materialistic things, holidays boyfriends and her own business helped by me!! all i ask is to have access to my son as there is no reason not to that is denied but i will have to pay more money where is the justice. Some women will say good on her but i have never refused her money i lost everything in divorce but not to allow me contact give me a break.

I’m not to happy paying the csa money as if on good wage it lines her pockets but she refuses to allow me to pay into my sons account so it would be a fund for him!! I wonder why.


  • Kate says:

    I am reading lots of storys today and asking that people sign at petition at the website address below. I really want to make a difference as the CSA are crippling my family for a child my husband had in a previous relationship.

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