After four years they are mow asking for child tax info

November 15, 2010

My husband paid csa every week out of his pay until he was made redundant. He phoned and told them this. He then phoned and tol dthem when he found a new job. when our second son was born we recieved a letter saying that they were going to take the payment directly from the job he had been made redundant from. He phoned and said they would not be able to take money from the wage he no longer recieved and they asked for paynotes and information on his new job. They had no record of our children so they put them down but payments did not change. Through all of this we actually had the child somtimes more than the mother but she would not admit this.

My husband then got made redundant a second time and we reported this to them as he found a new job after a week and the new job sent paynotes and they recieved all the new info.

My husband was made redundant in july 2006 they finally seemed to sort out everthing in jan 2010. We refused to let them take £100 per week from my husbands wage considering the child in question and my 2 other children were living with us at the time and we would not be able to afford to feed the children or house them. My stepson has been living with us for half of the time yet they are expecting us to pay for six months after he came to live with us as his mother was still claiming she had two children living with her when both were taken.

We were told at one point that if we sent all the info they would correct it after i told them they could not close a case they had based on icorrect information. three month later someone else took over the case and said arrears were sorted to set up a direct debit and there were just over £2000 to pay in arrears. After we had paid oer £1000 we phoned to see how much was left to pay only to be told that the arrears were more than we were originally told. we had asked to be sent details of how it had been arranged but recied details of how much was to be paid per week and that nothing had been paid. We contacted the local mp and he phoned and complained. they are now saying that we could be paying to little and that they have not took into account the child tax.


  • Jim Rigley says:

    I originally owed £2500 when they finallly admitted it took them 6 years to assess my case, they then told me £5000, they took me to court for £8000 and sent me a "statement" one year later saying I owed £10,500.00 – Ask them for their AUDITABLE accounts like a bank or any other money dealing business…. watch them squirm. They DO NOT KEEP CORRECT ACCOUNTS. LIARS, SCUM!

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    Also – never telephone with new information. Send a letter by recorded delivery asking for a new assessment based on the new information and give full details. Keep copies of everything.

  • brokenfather says:

    I know it seems crazy but the CSA do indeed take child tax credits for a resident child into account when assessing the CM to be paid to a non-resident child.

    It is the responsibility of the NRP to advise the CSA any change in circumstances. Faulure to do so will always penalise the NRP because an increase will be backdated but a decrease will not. Government driven justice for you!

    Where care of a child is equal then the CSA use whjo receives the CB as the deciding factor of who has to pay the other parent …..

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    CSA employers are really uneducated people.. I can't understand how they can be so stupid not to update the records properly when the person genuinely tells them about changes of circumstances on time….They must be generates. You dont need to have much intelligence or qualification to update people's details. Also the calculations they have to make are not too difficult mathematically. They should all sent back to primary school to learn basic maths.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    be* sent back

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