After all this, they sent a warning letter – we’re owed £2,100

October 9, 2013

Failed to locate him at work. Failed to locate him on income support.

7years and even with a deductions order and an employer they still cant get mouney over a 5 month period out of a possible 16 payments hes paid 4 and those payments were £388.00 short.
for 5 months they’ve let his employment do this after numerous calls they say they’ve sent a warning letter?

£2, 100 we should have received..

Why haven’t they done something the court order is being ignored.
They mention subsidised payment but we’ve received nouthing what should I do.


  • Adrian says:

    Can you really blame him for staying away from the csa ?? The csa don’t play fair but you mentioned we. We we a few times. This may be innocent but sounds like your expecting your ex to support you as well. If this is the case you won’t get any help of here.
    Maybe you should be more Carefull on how you bring things across next time.

  • Andrea Samuels says:

    What are you waffling on about..we me and my son are
    a team he’s hardly going to fight for himself at 7 he’s disabled is ententitled to and needs the mouney even if its banked toward his adult life!
    We wouldn’t need the CSA if wormy individuals like you..did the right thing AND SUPPORTED THERE CHILDREN!

  • Lisa says:

    Wormy individuals???? I think you need to read further posts on this site to understand that women like you are the reason we all HATE the CSA, your not owed anything I would guess and the fact that CSA can’t even get there own facts or sums right in the first place speaks volumes, its disgusting that men are used as cash points to lazy bloody women who have kids as a career choice, if you didn’t want abuse after your pathetic post you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place, and do yourself a favour, learn to spell,

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