After all these years, I still have no idea whether she’s my daughter or not

April 8, 2013

Years ago i had a relationship years ago with someone else; she fell pregnant but was seeing someone else and kicked me out at 1am in the morning. I didnt hear anything from her then out of the blue 2009 she got in contact with my sister and said that my daughter wanted to see me. At the time there wasnt any dna test done so i just took it that she was mine – i did the natural thing and accepted that she was mine.

She lived with me permanantely and her mum had her some weekends. One day, the daughter asked her mum for her birth certificate and her mum said i am not sure where it is. Well i thought to myself there is something quite not right because she kept on asking her for the certificate and she kept saying the same thing. I decided to take her to get a copy of the birth certificate.

Well in that time, a lot of things happened and she ended up in care but what we had requested still came through the post. I opened it and to my surprise my name wasnt on the birth certificate i was really annoyed because the mum knew all along that my name wasnt on it. From 2010 we didnt have any contact until 15th march 2013. Then i had a message on facebook saying congratulations, welcome to the grandad club. But that wasnt it, she was inboxing my daughter from the relationship that i am with now asking questions wanting to know where i worked so i know that she was up to something. On the 18th of March, i had a message off the mother saying expect a dna test and that she is getting in touch with the CSA.

Please can you give me some advice?